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Kuwait Ambassador to Germany Najib Al-Badr

Kuwait's participation in Munich conf. depicts keenness on global security


BERLIN-- His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah's participation in the upcoming Munich Security Conference is part of bids by the State of Kuwait to attain its outlook on resolving conflicts, said the State envoy.

Sheikh Sabah Khaled's partaking in one of the most significant and broadest security conferences at the global level comes as part of the State of Kuwait's attempts to realize its vision on means for resolving strifes and alleviating tension, particularly in the Arab and Arabian Gulf regions, said the State of Kuwait Ambassador to Germany Najib Al-Badr.

Ambassador Al-Badr was alluding to the Munich Security Conference, scheduled on February 14-16. It would group 135 heads of State, governments, ministers of foreign and defense affairs, prominent personalities representing international and civil society organizations.

Ambassador Al-Badr added that His Highness the Prime Minister would hold, during the conference, bilateral meetings with presidents, prime ministers and senior officials to discuss challenges facing global security, particularly concerning the Middle East, in addition to diverse defense and economic policies.

This conference has become an important and basic international platform for discussing diverse international issues at the political, security and military levels, namely crises and strifes throughout the globe, Ambassador Al-Badr said.

This year's session will address plenty of regional and international issues, in light of military, political strifes and security challenges in the Middle East, in addition to topics concerning immigration and refugees in Europe, he said.

The convention will be an opportunity for Kuwait to present its vision on means for tackling strifes and tapering off tension particularly with respect of the Arab region affairs.

Kuwait will draw conferees' attention to the necessity for "listening to the voice of reason" and political will to solve and settle conflicts in the Middle East and other regions, he said, noting that it coincides with political developments related to the Palestinian cause and the Berlin process on the political solution for the strife in Libya.

The State of Kuwait, in the past, was keen on active participation in this conference sessions; always boosting international diplomatic efforts to find solutions to the crises and the strifes in the world and the region, the Kuwaiti Ambassador added.

Inviting the State of Kuwait to participate with such a high ranking level depicts the world appreciation and praise for its effective stances and foreign policy based on moderation, balance and wisdom toward various political, humanitarian and security issues.

The State of Kuwait policy was demonstrated with its distinguished performance during its (expired) membership as member of the United Nations Security Council, recently.

At the forthcoming convention in Munich, His Highness the prime minister will shed light on the State of Kuwait's stances toward international challenges and affairs. He will also affirm necessity of unifying international efforts to tackle current crises.

Kuwait has taken part regularly in the past five sessions of this conference, expressing its stances toward international developments. At the regional level, it has played a "wise mediation role to resolve disputes." The Kuwaiti envoy cautioned that threats against stability in the region would lead to a regional-global crisis, repercussions of which could not be assessed, thus Kuwait advocated dialogue and diplomacy as sole avenues for resolving disputes in the region.

The diplomatic approach at these levels is particularly advocated by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.


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