Give a chance and leave the pots alone!

OPINION: Give a chance and leave the pots alone!

Editor in Chief

(See translation in Arabic section)

The interest of Lebanon and its people first needs the majority of its peoples support for the new government, to achieve emergency reforms of the economy, the return of the looted funds and purge the accumulated corruption of more than 30 years. Bu it seems that the situation is heading towards escalation ... and obstructing the work of the new government.

Following the formation of the new cabinet we are still witnessing a divided movement; of protests between violent groups against the security forces as well as on public and private properties as seen on television screens. Give the new government a chance and leave the pots alone. Vandalism, cracking and blocking roads cannot serve Lebanon and its economy.

This is the responsibility of the people and politicians of Lebanon -- to bring this to an end. But another side of the protesters is peaceful and rejects the violence, acting peacefully, freely and democratically.

As is the scene and the division we see in the movement of the protesters fully reflects the situation as it exists between Lebanese politicians, where there is someone who is honest, clean and fair though (only one politician in Lebanon revealed his account statements) and others who are corrupt and stealing government's money.

These acts of violence, if they indicate anything, show a commitment to implement external agendas and support internal parties with special goals and objectives for their own interest. This may be coming in the context of geographic changes taking place in the region in implementation of the so-called "Deal of the Century" and the new Middle East (and foreign pressure on Lebanon regarding Block 9 which contains gas).

Therefore, the need now is for the people to listen to their conscience and straighten the compass in order to save Lebanon and restore the confidence of everyone who wants good and peace for Lebanon and save it from the dangerous situation around it.

What is required now is to work to return looted funds to the state’s treasury and achieve economic and financial reforms, especially banking, to enhance the confidence of people at home and abroad.


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