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Huge Funeral for Martyr Alaa Abou Fakher in Choueifat

Huge Funeral for Martyr Alaa Abou Fakher in Choueifat

14 Nov 2019

Lebanon - Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) and the people of Choueifat and Mount Lebanon on Thursday mourned Martyr Alaa Abou Fakher during a huge funeral held at Dhour Choueifat.

The funeral was attended by the Druze Sheikh Akl, Naim Hassan, at the head of a delegation from the community, and Caretaker Ministers Akram Shehayeb and Wael Abou Faour, as well as Head of the "Democratic Gathering" MP Teymour Jumbaltt.

"Democratic Gathering" bloc MPs were also present.

Also attending the funeral had been a large number of spiritual, army, party and political delegations, most notably Caretaker Minister May Chidiac and MPs George Edwan and Anis Nassar, representing "Lebanese Forces" leader Samir Geagea.

Alaa Abou Fakher's coffin was covered with the Lebanese flags and flower wreaths, surrounded by his family members, wife and children, amidst feelings of grief and sorrow.

In his delivered word, MP Teymour Jumblatt said today was the day to pay loyal tribute to a couragoeus, devoted young man who sacrificed his life till martyrdom, deeming him as "the martyr of the revolution."

MP Jumblatt eulogized Alaa Abou Fakher, saying "We only have the country for which you have struggled for and gave up your life for its birth," stressing the need to resort to the voice of reason and called for a just and fair judiciary to do justice to Alaa's blood.

Jumblatt also called for continuing struggle together, peacefully and calmly, towards the future of Lebanon.

In his delivered word, Sheikh Hassan eulogized the late Abou Fakher as the "martyr of the nation," urging politicians to exercise prudence and wisdom and to regard responsibly the national supreme interests of the independent and constitutional state and fair governance.

Sheikh Hassan also categorically deplored shooting as strictly prohibited.


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