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Julie Owens' Grants Bulletin - Parramatta Grants Open Now

Dear Community Leader,

There are a number of fantastic local grants open now specific for organistions in the Parramatta Community!

1) 2020 City of Parramatta Annual Capacity Building Grants. Funding support for local sports, recreation and service organisations for a wide variety of projects that align to City of Parramatta Community Strategic Plan. Outcomes of the program should increase involvement, social wellbeing, improve physical and mental health, increase employment and increase connections across community, individual groups and agencies.
Click here for more details. Program closes on 9 December 2019.
2) 2020 Growing Social Enterprise in Parramatta. Grants available to fund existing social enterprises with clearly developed ideas/programs that benefit communities in Parramatta. This can be to grow a successful social enterprise in Parramatta or replicate or relocate a social enterprise to the Parramatta area.
Click here for more details. Program closes on 9 December 2019.

3) Creative Project Leveraging Fund. Local funding to support professional groups with creative projects in the Parramatta Region.
Funding can help develop skills of local creative talent, increase participation, stimulate connection to community and foster innovation.
Click here for more details. Program closes on 9 December 2019.
Click here to view City of Parramatta's annual and quarterly grants for available funding.

4) Safer Communities Fund – Round 5. Grants available for schools, pre-schools, places of worship, community groups and Councils to improve crime prevention. Initiatives must focus on reducing crime, violence, anti-social behaviour and other security risks. Money can be utilised for improving lighting, fencing, security alarms, installation of intercoms or swipe cards, etc.
Click here for more details. Program closes on 10 December 2019.

5) Celebrating Diversity - Projects. Grants to support collaborative relationships with Government, community, education and the private sector. Applications are encouraged  by seniors, youth, women and regional community organisations. Projects are to support community cohesion, building capacity cross cultural engagement, etc.
Click here for more information. Program closes on 6 December 2019.

As always, please contact my office if you have any questions.
Kind regards,Julie Owens
Federal Member for Parramatta
02 9689 1455


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