GEAGEA : To Form Government of Specialists Capable of Rescuing Country

GEAGEA From Canada: To Form Government of Specialists Capable of Rescuing Country

09 Oct 2019

Canada - Head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, said that "the Lebanese have two options to get out of the current economic crisis in Lebanon, the first of which being a medium-term solution through the parliamentary elections of 2022. Change is in the hands of the Lebanese people. This democracy is a great wealth owned by the Lebanese, but they are failing to use it properly.”

"The second option is immediate, and it lies in replacing the current government with a new one. (...) I personally put this option forward during the economic-financial meeting held in Baabda to declare an economic emergency. I demanded the formation of a government mostly consisting of specialists and technocrats, to work on saving the country," Geagea said.

"My impression, however, is that the concerned officials are clinging to their seats. By doing so, they leave us with the sole option of pursuing the struggle, until the status quo has changed and, even further away, until the time for the greatest change has come with the upcoming parliamentary elections," the LF leader stressed.

He categorically rejected the search for a new electoral law under these circumstances, warning that "the electoral law under discussion is a numerical democracy, not even convincing, and this is not what is stipulated in the National Charter, the Taif Agreement or the Constitution. (...) Lebanon is a pluralistic country and we must respect one another and stay true to our word and our charter," he concluded.


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