Kuwait govt: Rely on official sources for accurate information

Government Spokesman Tareq Al-Mezrem

Kuwait govt: Rely on official sources for accurate information


KUWAIT-- The Kuwaiti government has advised citizens and residents to rely on the state official sources to get credible and accurate information, especially on the situation in the region.

In a press statement on Wednesday, the Government Spokesman Tareq Al-Mezrem clarified that reliance on the official sources would help avoid circulation of rumors or fake news. In such situations, rumors and fake news were posted and circulated through social networking sites or other media tools, he cautioned.

"So, the government urges everyone, without exceptions, to get the accurate information from the official sources, mainly the Kuwait News Agency and the official accounts of the state ministries on social networking sites," he said.

Al-Mezrem called on citizens and residents to disregard rumors and fabricated information and avoid spreading them. He reiterated the need of reliance on the official sources, such as the competent government bodies or their spokespersons. He pointed out that the Kuwaiti army had made a statement earlier today on security and precautionary measures it had taken to preserve Kuwait's security and territorial integrity in light of the current regional situation.


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