NASRALLAH: No More Redlines in War With Israel

NASRALLAH: No More Redlines in War With Israel

03 Sep 2019

Lebanon - Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Monday evening dedicated the first part of his speech, marking the third of Ashura nights, to the fresh developments that rocked Lebanon during the Resistance's response to the most recent Israeli attack.

Speaking during an Ashura Council organized by Hezbollah at Sayed al-Shuhada compound in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Hezbollah's first started his speech by thanking God for the triumph of the resistance. He thanked the Resistance fighters, leaders, individuals, and officials, "who, for the last eight days, have been ready, around-the-clock, in the field, and along the Lebanese border with occupied Palestine. It is thanks to their readiness, courage, efficiency, and sacrifice that achievements have been scored, enemies deterred, and country protected."

Nasrallah also thanked the Lebanese army, "which remained stationed along the border, to face any aggression."

"Thanks to the people, to our loved ones, especially in the villages and front areas, who have maintained normal life during these days. Thanks to the media that made huge efforts following up, covering, and delivering the scene as it is, as opposed to Israeli misguidance," he added.

"We have announced, in the first place, and especially in Sunday's speech, that we will not tolerate the two Israeli aggressions, nor accept imposing new equations. We will not accept wasting our perseverance and victory in the 2006 Lebanon war. This is why we said we will most definitely respond to both aggressions," Nasrallah said.

He explained that Hezbollah's response consisted of two titles: "the first is field-based, taking place on the international border with Occupied Palestine with the occupied Palestinian territory in 1948, and the second is related to the dossier of Israeli drones roaming Lebanon's sky."

"Regarding the first title, called the direct field operation, we had publicly declared that we would respond from Lebanon's border. We told the enemy to wait for our response as of that moment, because a major part of our battle is moral and spiritual. This in itself was a big challenge by the Resistance," Hezbollah's leader maintained.

Afterwards, Nasrallah delivered a briefing on what had happened since last Sunday, stating the following:

1- Evacuation of the border along barbed wire. The Israelis no longer had a blue line, international border, or a few meters forward or backward. On Sunday, all borders were evacuated, whether walls or barbed wire. One could neither find soldiers along the border, nor movement of vehicles, which were roaming the dirt road or the asphalt adjacent to the barbed wire. These activities have been resumed today because the operation ended yesterday.

2- Complete evacuation of outposts. Israelis did not hide, they actually evacuated, which means they fled. This exceeded our expectations; I told them to stay in their place, yet they fled.

3- Evacuation of entire barracks, like the famous one "Avivim". It has a headquarters, officers, soldiers, and more. A satellite channel correspondent walked around the rooms and they were all empty. Some barracks and military sites were evacuated on the border; evacuations and absence of movement had been witnessed at the depth of 5 kilometers, and 7 kilometers in other areas, even in colonies. One could see on television, as I am not the only one talking about it, cameras capture everything, wandering the colonies from morning to midnight: there was no sound, no car, no motorcycle, no bicycle. There was no buying, selling, or anything ... only stillness.

"The scene in general, from the Israeli perspective, is clear. This is Israel we're talking about; it presents itself as owning the most powerful army in the region. This arrogant and tyrant Israel; the one that scared millions and hundreds of millions, during these eight days, was witnessed scared, anxious, and hiding by the entire world. (...)This is humiliation and weakness, one of Israel's faces," Narsallah said, deeming this in itself a part of Hezbollah's punishment to Israel.

He pointed out that in return, the Lebanese army did not leave the border. "At all times, in all positions, the Resistance was there; they were in every place they should have been. Let's be accurate. The normal movement of our people in bordering villages reflected stability, strength, tranquility, confidence, certainty, pride, and dignity for Lebanon."

Nasrallah went on to highlight the fact that the Resistance did not target Israel by aiming at the barbed wire. "After all, there was no target along the barbed wire - but at a certain depth," he explained.

Nasrallah went on to say that despite all the Israeli measures and fake targets, as well as tanks and machines put here and there, as if alluding to the resistance "hit us already", the Resistance was patient and thoroughly followed up on the situation at every level. "When the target was acquired, the Resistance struck it," he affirmed.

Nasrallah deemed the Resistance's response to the Israeli attack "an epitome of boldness, courage, accuracy, and responsibility."

"Dear brothers and sisters - even if Israel tried to play down the issue - the most important and greatest thing that happened yesterday was the single act of carrying out the operation. For seven days, in all media, all Israeli officials would say, 'If you shoot at us, if you send a rocket, if you kill, if you injure, if you attack, we will retaliate, and things can roll into war.' But I tell you, brothers and sisters, honestly tonight, not only that Hezbollah has not been shaken, but out of the

officials, with whom we had been speaking, no one budged and no one trembled. Lebanon has remained strong thanks to its cohesion and its belief in retaliation and in covering the response," Nasrallah maintained.

"The most important point is the following: in the past, when we used to get attacked, we used to respond inside Shebaa Farms, because the Israeli positions were there. The ambushes we had set up for Israeli tanks were in the occupied Lebanese territory, which the enemy considers as an official and undebatable boundary. Touching the border of 48 had been, to the enemy, a huge red line for decades. The enemy did not bear someone touching the barbed wire, sending a drone in and out, or firing in the air. For Israel, it was a redline," Nasrallah said, adding, "What happened yesterday is that the most significant red line to Israel for decades has been eliminated by the Islamic Resistance. It is no longer a redline."

"Apart from anything else that the Israelis say, yesterday they were trying very hard to absorb the process, to absorb it at all costs, and even most of the shelling they had done - phosphorous, smoky, and thermal - was more defensive than aggressive. They considered that there would be operations following this process and targeting "Avivim" barrack or another. They wanted to "wrap it up". If they stop, we stop," Nasrallah confirmed.

Moreover, the Hezbollah leader said that Netanyahu wished to change equations, "but facts on the ground have proven that Hezbollah has fixed the equation (...) We have given the equation a greater and more deterrent force."

He concluded this axis by saying, "I want to tell Israelis today, listen carefully, what Netanyahu has done with his foolishness and recklessness -- and remember this date, Sunday, September 1, 2019 -- is the beginning of a new phase of the situation along the Lebanese border with occupied Palestine. A new phase of defending Lebanon's sovereignty, dignity, security, and people. There are no more redlines."

As for the second title, which is about Israeli drones in the Lebanese sky, Nasrallah explained that the reason Hezbollah had avoided them was only for internal Lebanese considerations.

"Today, our goal is to stabilize the equation and we have stabilized it. With regard to the drones, the subject is in the hands of the field, and I have explained the first night that there is no need for details concerning our way and idea of this confrontation," Nasrallah said.

"Tomorrow, when we shoot the first drone, which can happen any time, someone will say that this will lead to tension and destabilization. To anyone who's keen on Lebanon's stability and that of the region, I tell them to talk to the Israelis and tell them that time is over. The time of forgiveness and toleration is over. Lebanon will not accept any breach of its sovereignty," he explained.

"Anyway, Israelis should know that this is the result of the folly of this man, who is now only thinking of the means to save himself from court, which will prosecute him over many corruption files," Nasrallah said.

"The response of the Resistance is the one that fixed the equation, prevented the change of rules of engagement, maintained the achievements of the 2006 Lebanon war, and preserved Lebanon's pride, dignity, and power," Hezbollah's chief concluded.


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