MOUAWAD Says no Deals Will be Allowed in Waste Dossier

MOUAWAD Says no Deals Will be Allowed in Waste Dossier

13 Aug 2019

Lebanon - "Independence Movement" Head, MP Michel Mouawad, declared that he would not allow any deals to go through in the public waste issue.

He stressed that introducing reform and fighting against corruption in the country does not occur through the media, but rather through actual policies and measures to be imposed via Parliament.

"We will remain committed to our sovereign principles, and we will recognize only one army, one constitution, one state and one weapon which is that of the Lebanese legitimacy," Mouawad underscored.

His words came during a dinner banquet he hosted at his Ehden residence yesterday evening in honor of prominent members of the Lebanese expatriate community residing in Australia.

Mouawad highlighted the important constants of preserving the state's solidarity, ensuring a proper implementation of the Taef Accord, restoring the true rights and role of Christians in the nation, executing reform steps and combatting corruption. He asserted that these constants have been, and still remain the main axes of his political approach.

Touching on the developmental and daily-living needs of the region of Zgharta, Mouawad vowed to "employ all political and parliamentary stances in support of development in the district of Zgharta, and not for factional, clientele or narrow interests."


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