Lebanese Army Commander Inspects Deployed Units in Tripoli, Meets With Shaar

Army Commander Inspects Deployed Units in Tripoli, Meets With Shaar: Cost Was High But an Honor to us, We Are Proud of Our Martyrs and Will Never Forget Them

05 Jun 2019

Lebanon - Army Chief, General Joseph Aoun, inspected Wednesday the military units deployed in Tripoli during a visit to the North region earlier today, where he met with Mufti of Tripoli and the North Sheikh Malik Al Shaar and thanked him for his supportive positions in favor of the army.

General Aoun considered that the price was high in wake of the tragic incident that hit Tripoli and all of Lebanon on the eve of the Fitr Eid and led to the martyrdom of four servicemen, but deemed it a source of pride and honor to the military institution. "We are proud of our martyrs and we will never forget them," he assured.

"Terrorism has no religion," said Aoun, stressing that "the army will remain in full readiness to face any threat to the security and safety of Lebanon no matter the sacrifices, for honor, sacrifice and loyalty are the motto and message of the military institution."

Praising the role of Mufti Shaar and the respected sheikhs of the region, the Army Chief said "they are the safety valve of the homeland because they bear a great national responsibility towards the nation and its people."

In turn, Mufti Shaar asserted that "the army is the backbone of Lebanon and its living conscience, and thanks to it Lebanon enjoys stability." He added that "the security situation is delicate and must be monitored," stressing that "terrorism is refuted and rejected."

Shaar also commended the speed and professionalism that characterized the army's moves in intervening and putting an end to the terrorist's act.

He pointed to the popular consensus and unanimous support to the army, hoping that it would also enjoy the consensus of the state's pillars.


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