Sami Gemayel: "Illegal weapon that is dragging Lebanon into fierce conflicts"

"Illegal weapon that is dragging Lebanon into fierce conflicts"

Sami Gemayel: No stability in presence of illegal weapons

15 Feb 2019

Lebanon - Head of the Kataeb Party, MP Sami Gemayel, said at the opening session of the 31st General Conference of the party in Biel - Furn Shebbek that "Lebanon is going through a watershed in the shadow of confusion, lack of values and morals, chaos, struggle over power and disruption.”

"We want Lebanon to be a free, sovereign, independent and civilized," he asserted.

"There is an illegal weapon that is dragging Lebanon into fierce conflicts. This weapon is tampering with Lebanon's independence and preventing healthy economy," Gemayel said, stressing that "there is no stability in the presence of [illegal] weapons in Lebanon."

He went on to explain that "this weapon is causing Lebanon's enmity with other countries. Lebanon is besieged internationally by its traditional friends because of weapons (...) which have had the most influence in the emergence of power in the presidency, the premiership and the House of Representatives."

"All slogans have fallen yesterday at the House of Representatives," Gemayel maintained.

Addressing Christians, he uttered: "It is said that the best way to achieve partnership is through solidarity, but not with weapons and by betting on them. No partnership will ever be when it is conditioned on giving up sovereignty and independence."

"We have a role model, martyred President Bashir Gemayel, who has taught us to tell the truth and never compromise on it. Bashir's project was to disband militias, starting with his militia, the Lebanese Forces. To those who claim they brought Aoun to the presidency we say: why don’t you hand over your weapon to him?" he asked, stressing that "intimidation does not scare us. It never did and never will."

"The constitutional formulas aimed at organizing coexistence have proved failure to secure stability and to build Lebanese citizenship. (...) It is high time we move from sectarianism to interactive pluralism," he said, reiterating the importance of applying the concept of decentralization.


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