BASSIL: Each Day We Face Slander is Worse Than October 13

BASSIL: Each Day We Face Slander is Worse Than October 13

13 Oct 2018

Lebanon - "History is written by martyrs, and martyrs write the truth, and the truth is the actual winner...and the proof is our presence here today after 28 years and General Michel Aoun's presence in Baabda," said Free Patriotic Movement Chief, Gebran Bassil, on Saturday.

Bassil's words came at the central ceremony organized by the Movement marking the October 13th Commemoration, held this evening at the "New BIEL" in Fun El-Chebbak.

"Every day we are accused of fabricated slanderous statements and corruption campaigns is worse than October 13...Every day our rights are taken away, the Charter is undermined, obstacles are placed in the path of the government and projects, and powers are seized, is October 13...Corruption, injustice and forgery are other facets to October 13, and we shall oppose and resist them and reap victory in the end," said Bassil.

"On October 13, 1990, war was waged against General Aoun through tanks and warplanes...and on October 13, 2018, the war is through rumors and lies. On October 12, they attempted to assassinate General Aoun by a bullet and Joseph Raad lost his life to save him...Today, they are trying to kill the mandate, i.e. to kill the country...That was a security assassination back then; this is a political assassination, and in both cases committed by the same criminals on the inside and the outside," Bassil went on.

"October 13 was a painful day. The world believed that we were defeated and expelled from our homeland, but we became more rooted. And our victory today is through you, the five thousand new members who came to say that whoever stood up to the whole world, and who did not succumb to defeat on October 13, will not be destroyed by losing a batter against corruption," the FPM Chief asserted.

"We came today to say that we are the steadfastness that is not eradicated by defeat. We are the Charter that will conquer all those who conspired against it, and we are the reform that will beat all corruption," vowed Bassil.

"Our battle is not limited to General Aoun's reaching presidency, for we wish to build the republic through fairness and equal partnership among its components...a partnership we have begun to achieve in the republic presidency, and in the government and parliament, and we have to complete it in the state's administration," he underscored.

“We are, at this stage, insisting on a government of national unity, to bear the responsibility united and not to be taken advantage of for political gains...and having no one opposing from within to benefit at the popular and electoral levels,” emphasized Bassil.

A Turkish security source has told the BBC that officials had audio and video evidence proving Mr Khashoggi, who wrote for the Washington Post, was murdered inside the consulate.

Reports suggest an assault and struggle took place in the consulate after Mr Khashoggi entered the building to get some documents.

Turkish sources allege he was killed by a 15-strong team of Saudi agents.

Turkish TV has already broadcast CCTV footage of the moment Mr Khashoggi walked into the consulate for an appointment at which he was due to receive papers for his forthcoming marriage to Ms Cengiz.


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