Live exports won't be banned in coming months

Live exports won't be banned in coming months

16 May 2018,

(Translation appears in Arabic section)

There will be no ban on live sheep exports to the Middle East over the northern summer this year.

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud will release the McCarthy review into the trade in Sydney tomorrow.

The ABC can confirm there will be no end to the summer trade, despite the RSPCA and Australian Veterinarians Association saying there is no way to protect sheep against potentially fatal heat stress.

The Government set up the McCarthy review into the summer trading of sheep to the Middle East after the broadcast of shocking footage of sheep dying and suffering heat stress during voyages last year.

These images prompted widespread demands for an end to the northern summer live export trade to the Middle East.

The live sheep trade is worth $249 million a year.

The review was to advise on stocking density, ventilation, possible air-conditioning, the number and skills of ship crew dealing with animals, and the independent observation and reporting of animal welfare.


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