Australia announced our official participation in Expo 2020 Dubai - the first World Expo ever hosted in the Middle East and expected to attract 25 million visitors from over 180 countries with an estimated 70% international footfall.

‘Expo 2020 is an opportunity to showcase Australian culture, ingenuity and innovation . . . We will work to make the most of this opportunity . . . and to help Australian companies capitalise on opportunities . . .’ (Hon Julia Bishop MP Media Release 25 March 2018)

Australia, amongst other countries, will have its own pavilion at Expo 2020 sitting alongside three major pavilions representing the main themes of the event - Mobility, Sustainability, and Opportunity.

Running from October 2020 to April 2021 and encompassing all other exhibitions that take place in Dubai during that period, Expo 2020 will provide Australian businesses with a unique and superlative platform to forge global collaborations and create truly global footprints.

Now in the development stage, the project management and construction of Expo 2020 already offer significant opportunities for Australian companies, and some have already won Expo-related contracts in architecture, construction and logistics.

With more than USD$9.4 billion in investment in Expo 2020, the incentives for participation are extremely attractive. For example Siemens has committed to transfer operations from Munich to District 2020, making Dubai the company’s HQ.

The UAE government is equally committed to transparency and inclusivity, pledging 20% of primary and subcontracts to SMEs with zero tender bonds, 25% advanced payment on services and 50% on goods, and a payment in 30 days policy.

Expo Live Innovation Grants are available to promote smaller entities and innovations in need of commercialization, with a particular interest in supporting synergistic relationships between large businesses and SMEs and entrepreneurs.

The opportunities are limitless!

Architectural, construction, engineering, urban planning, facilities management, consultancy services and training (retail, food logistics, service delivery), clean energy and waste management, blockchain, solutions to food waste and food packaging, food franchises, health and sciences SMEs and entrepreneurs, transport, renewables, and cultural and artistic events . . . to name just a few.

AACCI is on hand to support and promote your participation in Expo 2020, and the AACCI Trade Mission 2019 will focus on this opportunity.

We recommend you register at the Expo 2020 portal, That way you can be notified directly of any opportunities related to your business: 

Also, keep an eye on DFAT’s Austender for any further tenders that may arise with regards Australia’s own pavilion.

Look out for our imminent announcement of the AACCI Trade Mission 2019 to the Middle East and North Africa.

Wishing you all prosperity and good health,

Fiona E Hill PhD

Chairperson - State of Victoria

Board Member

Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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