Message: Lebanese Parliamentary Elections in Australia

16 April 2018         Protocol 122/2018

Message: Lebanese Parliamentary Elections in Australia

For the first time in history, Australians of Lebanese descent, can participate in the Lebanese elections from Australia.

The election date for persons residing abroad who have enrolled to vote through the internet towards the end of last year (2017) has been set for Sunday 29 April, 2018.

To pursue this historical event in our community of Australia, taking into consideration the significance of these elections in the future of Lebanon, we seek your participation by voting for whomever you feel is suitable.  We ask those who did not register to vote, and have the ability to go to Lebanon, to travel so as to participate in these destinal elections.

Lebanon needs your vote and your participation so as to guarantee the perpetuation of democracy and the real representation of the different constituents of our motherland.

To facilitate your participation, the Lebanese Embassy and Consulates in Australia has organised polling centres, in accordance with your City Council of origin in Lebanon.   Kindly refer to listing made available to you.

We pray that the new parliament will be able to embody the foresights of people of Lebanese descent equally, whether living in Lebanon or in the world of Expansion.

+Antoine-Charbel Tarabay

Maronite Bishop of Australia

Note to priests: Candidate promotions, posters, voting signs or kiosks are not permitted in parishes and on church properties.  We ask you to adhere to rules related to political elections.


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