Patriarch John X: We appeal to the international community to find peaceful solutions to what is happening in the region”.

John X from Sydney: “We appeal to the international community to find peaceful solutions to what is happening in the region”.


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Sydney - ME Times Int'l: Patriarch John X  appealed to the "international community, all governments and those in the decision-making position to work to find peaceful solutions to what is happening in the Middle East".

The speech of Patriarch John X came during a meeting with NSW Premier in Sydney, Australia, Gladys Berejiklian at the House of Parliament. The attendees welcomed Patriarch John X of Australia for the inauguration of the new Archbishop of Australia and New Zealand and the Philippines Basilius Koudsia.

Attendees stressed that "this historic event is of interest to all churches, not only the Orthodox Church of Antioch, and the visit of His Beatitude is a gift for everyone and for all churches without distinction”.

"His visit will carry many hopes for the children of the Antioch Orthodox Church living on the land of Australia" they said, congratulating the new Archbishop Koudsia by taking care of the Diocese.

In turn, the Archbishop thanked Patriarch John for coming to Australia and thanked everyone for their love and trust in the "unqualified" person.

Patriarch John confirmed that "with love no one can differentiate us, and the meeting at the House of Parliament is the best witness to that love."

He said: "we are not used in our society to what is happening today in our homes of violent acts that contradicts to our values, because our homelands have been exporting science and culture as Christianity has been launched from them and therefore we confirm that we are not guests in those countries but we are the owners of the land and the right and enjoy good relations with our Muslim brothers and we believe in coexistence and respect for each other.”

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John X tells the world: “Our presence as a Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Jordanian and Palestinian people is important and influential. We are staying, we are staying. "

His Beatitude John X Yazigi, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All The East, began his first historical pastoral visit to Australia, in a meeting with the priests of Sydney, in the presence of Metropolitan Basilius, the new Archbishop of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, the accompanying parishioners and the 15 priests serving in Sydney.

The meeting began with a speech by Bishop Basilius, in which he thanked the Patriarch John for his inauguration in the diocese and for checking on the parishes. "His historic visit will be a great condolence to the priests and to the children of the Antiochian Church who are eager to meet the spiritual father and listen to their aspirations and grievances" he said.


Patriarch John affirmed that his visit to Australia was "an excellent event for Antioch, especially as it came within the framework of the inauguration of Archbishop Basilius Kudsia as Metropolitan on the Diocese of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

"One family can be achieved only with love, cooperation and success in the church work and cohesion, which is a catalyst to strengthen and encourage us to perform pastoral work and make us a sign of the Antioch Church rooted in the Homeland and countries of proliferation” he said.

He pointed out that "the responsibility of the priests today is a great responsibility, especially since the children of our Antioch priests have become residents all over the world, laying the bridge between the East and the West. Hence the responsibility of the priest today is to motivate the children of the Church by adhering to their values, teachings and ecclesiastical traditions, so that the Antioch Church will remain a resounding voice in all parts of the world.”

He addressed the prevailing situation in the region, in particular to the bloody immigration file, stressing that "The bleeding of migration is severe, but we are reassured because the sons of the church, despite all the displacement and harshness of the days, are still looking for a church, looking for a warm shelter and a peaceful embrace that gives them safety and salvation". Pointing out that" the sons of the Antioch Church, despite all the aches, still do much to survive and adhere to the land of parents and grandparents" noting that" the crisis in Syria is heading to a solution and this is what everyone hopes to achieve in the near future, so that every displaced and tortured returns to his home. "

He also recalled the file of the Archbishops of Aleppo, Paul and John, expressing his regret for "the mystery surrounding their case", hoping that "this file reaches the desired results and know their fate."

"Our presence as a Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Jordanian, and Palestinian people is an important and influential presence, and from this we tell the world that we will stay," he said.

At the end of his speech, he called on "the priests to get along with the new bishop Basilius as a cohesive one family," asking "the Lord to sow his peace in Syria, Lebanon and the region".


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