Move to develop Ain Koor as a tourist site

Move to develop Ain Koor as a tourist site

08/10/2017 Kaushalendra Singh

SALALAH  – There is a move to develop Ain Koor in Raysut as proper tourist site following emergence of a natural waterfall and a subsequent water spring at the bottom of the mountain. The Ain Koor’s water phenomenon is so sudden and severe that it took everyone by surprise when it erupted two years back, and took the authorities off guard due to sudden accumulation of water at the site and some casualties in the past Khareef seasons.

Marhoon bin Said al Ameri, Director-General of Tourism in Dhofar Governorate, admitted that there were some accidents in the past years at the site despite advisories and barricades being put there. “The authorities tried to prevent people from going to the bottom of the mountain where the waterfall touches the ground. Mainly there are some adventure loving youths who love to explore such challenges without judging the depth and unfortunately they become victim.”

“We have plans now to develop the area on the lines of other springs in and around the city. The idea is to make a concrete base at the bottom of the mountain where water accumulates and expand it so that the water remains shallow and reduces the danger of being drowned,” he said.

He admitted to have meetings with local authorities including some leading public and private sector establishments who have volunteered support with money and material to get the things done to avoid accidents there.

He expects that the project would be taken up very soon and would be ready before the next Khareef season. The area would be developed in phases. In the first phase there would be fool proof arrangements to avoid any accident near the site and an access would be developed to reach near the site.

“As of now the visitors have to park their vehicles very far from the site and walk. People look for SUVs to reach there, as it is not possible to reach there in small cars. We are working to address these issues primarily so that whoever wants to visit, can visit even in small cars and be safe there,” said Al Ameri.

He put stress on the fact that waterfalls and natural springs constitute major attraction for visitors in Salalah particularly during the monsoon season when whole of the city and its adjoining mountains turn into lush greenery. “There has always been attempt to upgrade the facilities and plug the safety loopholes,” he said.


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