ALCC held a dinner in honor of Arab and African delegations - World Chambers Congress

Prof. Trevor Cairney delivers his speech

ALCC held a dinner in honor of Arab and African delegations - World Chambers Congress  


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Sydney - M. E. TIMES Int'l: The Australian-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce held a dinner at the Dolton House in honor of the Arab and African delegations participating in the World Chamber of Commerce Conference recently held at the Sydney International Convention Center.

The dinner was attended by political and diplomatic figures and representatives of chambers of commerce from the Middle East and North Africa, as well as members of the Australian-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and Sydney Business Chamber.


Joe Khattar - Presedent of the Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce

Joe said: "It is an absolute pleasure to welcome all our dear guests from all the Middle East countries to Sydney, and the state of NSW …

This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to further enhance the good business relationship between Australia and the Arab world …

President Joe Khattar

We as an Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, together with our very close associates in the NSW Business Chamber, stand ready, as we have always done, to play our part in strengthening that relationship …

We strongly believe that Australia should have a much more effective role in the region as a whole, simply because we have a lot to offer in both products and services and the will to transact with our Middle Eastern counterparts …

Joe Rizk

We also encourage those of the Australian business community that have never visited the region and have never done business with the Arab world to pay a visit to those countries and to evaluate the potential that does exist in the region …

Prof. Cairney

The Sydney and NSW Business Chamber President Trevor Cairney thanked the Australian-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and the Arab Bank of Australia for their cooperation and support with the Sydney Business Chamber praising the joint working relations.

Trevor stressed the importance of work and trade relations between countries and peoples, especially fruitful and useful business.

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He concluded by welcoming members of Arab and African delegations who attended the World Chambers of Commerce conference.


Joseph  Rizk the CEO and General Manager of Arab Bank Australia, welcomed the Middle East and North Africa delegates to the World Chambers Conference.

He also noted the close cooperation relations between the Australian-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce and the Sydney and NSW business Chamber.

Rizk praised Australia's hospitality and Australia's contribution to migrants over hundreds of years, referring to the role of migrants and their effective contribution to the promotion of trade relations and services between Australia and various countries of the world.

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He also talked about the opportunities available in Australia, particularly in terms of investment and trade.

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