"We have been working very closely with the NSW Business Chamber in organizing the World Chambers Conference "- Joe Khattar

Photo: Joe Rizk, Amb. Ghanem, Joe Khattar and Mickael Rizk


"We have been working very closely with the NSW Business Chamber in organizing the World Chambers Conference in Sydney this month" - Joe Khattar


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Sydney - M. E Times Int'l: Joe Khattar, President of the Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, welcomed sponsors and guests to Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf.

Peter Bader the MC

"The two main successes of this year have been the large global conference in Beirut focused on investment opportunities in Australia and establishment of a large project by an Australian company in Lebanon. 

You will hear more about this during today and also the Annual meeting on the 3rd November.  We’re also privileged to be involved in a World Chambers Congress between the 19th and the 21st September at the International Conference Centre at Darling Harbour.  I also like to thank our hard-working President and Board of Directors for their efforts. I would like to invite our President to say a few words."

Joe Khattar

"Your Excellency George Bitar Ghanem, Consul General of Lebanon and dear friends of the Chamber, welcome.

It’s hard to believe how time is flying away, and it’s been one year since our last Luncheon together, I hope the year has been a good one for you all with both health and business.

 Amb. Ghanem, J. Khattar, Joe Rizk, A.Harb, M. Rizk and other guests

As for the Chamber, it has been a very busy and productive year local and overseas levels. We have been working very closely over the last 18 months with the NSW Business Chamber in organizing the World Chambers Conference in Sydney this month, this is a major leap for NSW, as it will allow us to showcase what this great state and the whole country has to offer. The ALCC will be hosting all the delegations from the Middle East or the MENA region. The main objective is to expose Australia’s capabilities to the Middle East.

The ALCC was the driving force behind the signing of a major contract to build and operate an Oncology Hospital in Lebanon in accordance with Australian codes. This project is one of the largest ever undertaken by an Australian company in that region. I was honoured to accompany different Board Directors, to witness the laying of the corner stone.

A part of participants

The Chamber is very proud of our great relationship with you all, and I thank you on behalf of the ALCC for your ongoing support, which we deeply appreciate."

We would like to thank & acknowledge our Partners:

-           Arab Bank Australia;

-           Etihad Airways.

Our Diamond Sponsor, Tradelink.

Our Platinum Sponsors:

-           AGL & Energy Connections;

-           Commonwealth Bank; and

-           J&J Metrowest & Daikin;

-           Baumatic.

Our Gold Sponsors:

-           2GB;

-           Austral Bricks;

-           ACCESS;

-           Apollo Kitchens;

-           Australian Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd;

-           Bank of Sydney;

-           Blackstone Waterhouse Lawyers;

-           Caroma;

-           CBRE;

-           Ceerose;

-           Colliers International;

-           Construction Consultants;

-           CSR;

-           Dasco;

-           Hanson;

-           Holdmark;

-           Ilve;

-           Lefand Group;

-           Madison Marcus;

-           NAB;

-           Net Strata;

-           Origin;

-           Pacific Building Management Group Pty Ltd;

-           Penatron;

-           Polytec;

-           Rheem;

-           Rinnai;

-           SMEG;

-           St George;

-           Trinity Constructions;

-           Westpac;

-           Winning Appliances.

A. Ferguson, F. Deiri, and  C.Gereis

Our Silver Sponsors:

-           City Shine;

-           Coverforce;

-           Deicorp;

-           EG;

-           O’Connors Strata;

-           Quantum Quartz;

-           RM Gregory;

-           Robertson + Marks;

-           Xavier Knight Consulting Engineers.

Thank you also to the Local and Middle-Eastern media for their ongoing support represented by Anwar Harb, Joe Khoury, Sayed Mikhael and Camil Shalala. I would like to thank Nadia Obeid and Tania Druby for all their hard work and dedication. I would also like to thank Paul Signorelli of Doltone House, who ensures the comfort and satisfaction of our guests at all Chamber events.

Lastly, I would like to thank Harkola for their ongoing support and generosity to the Chamber ...

Do enjoy today’s get together.

Joe Rizk

"Peter mentioned that the World Chambers Conference. This is one of the events Australia has made a bid for it a few years ago and it was Camil who is here from NSW Business Chamber. 

A part of participants

The Australian Lebanese Chamber has been heavily involved with the NSW Chamber and in coordinating the event in terms of the representatives that are coming from great distances across North Africa right through to the Gulf as well as Saudi and so forth. There is going to be quite a lot of people coming here internationally. There is a possibility of about 4,000 to 5,000 people.  What a great event for Australia and what a great event for Australian corporates to display their capabilities.

The Australian Lebanese Chamber is also instrumental in terms of taking out a group of these visitors to show them the capabilities about Universities as well as the health centre there is a great degree of interest being shown from those particular people participating in Australia in those two industries.  But don’t forget there are a lot of people coming here associated with engineering, architecture, construction, so it is a great opportunity to get involved.

A part of participants

I just want to also thank everyone who coordinated this event.  I do encourage you to pick up a brochure and get to know exactly what is happening because there are some great opportunities thank you very much."

A part of participants

Peter Bader the MC


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