Carlos Ghosn: "Education is the crossing card to various countries of the world"

George and Fadia Ghossayn honoring Ghosn in Sydney

Carlos Ghosn: "Education is the crossing card to various countries of the world"


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Sydney - M. E. Times Int'l: Businessmen George Ghossayn and his wife Fadia Ghossayn held a dinner in honor of the Lebanese expatriate Carlos Ghosn and his wife Carol in the presence of Archbishop Robert Rabbat the Pastor of the Australian Melkite Catholic Diocese, Father Louis Ferkh Head of the Saint Charbel Monastery in Sydney, Mr. Glenn Miles the Australian Ambassador to Lebanon, Joe Khattar President of the Australian-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce in Sydney,  Michel Doweihi Regional President of Lebanese Cultural Union, Tony Khattar President of the Maronite Council, Joe Rizk the Managing Director and CEO of Arab Bank Australia and other representatives.

LtoR: George Ghossayn, Carol Ghosn, Bishop Rabbat and Mrs Miles

First, Fadia Ghossayn welcomed Mr Ghosn and the audience, followed by Ambassador Miles, stressing "the importance of Lebanese elections and political stability so that the Lebanese economy can recover."


"Australia and Lebanon have a strong relationship and many people don’t realise 400,000 Australians are of Lebanese descent. When you are in Lebanon and visit anywhere in the country, everyone seems to have a relationship with Australia whether it is a cousin, brother, uncle or some other relative.

We understand the pressure Lebanon is under, hosting 1.5 million refugees. The economy is under pressure and there is crumbling infrastructure. Another thing I often tell my Government is when you think of Lebanon it is important not to think just of that country in isolation. Lebanon is small but you have to think of Lebanon outside the box. By this I mean millions of Lebanese live beyond the country’s borders. There are huge communities in Brazil, West Africa and the Gulf, Canada, France and the US. Seen in that light, Lebanon is a far larger area to deal with.

LtoR: Tony Khattar, Michel Doweihi, Joe Khattar and Amb. Glenn Miles

Another thing I realise is members of the Lebanese community are in senior management positions in many international companies. Companies we’re trading with in Kuwait are run by Lebanese. This means the Australian Lebanese connections are not just important for dealing with Lebanon but into the Gulf. I think Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, represents the pinnacle of that successful Lebanese dual national. It is people like you, Carlos, who Australia has to take in to make sure we can boost the trade relationship. "

My message to everyone tonight, is that you can love both Lebanon and Australia.


"For his part, Mr. Ghosn thanked George and Fadia Ghossein for the ceremony. He thanked all the participants, praising the Lebanese in Australia who have maintained their Lebanese character and the family atmosphere. He congratulated them on their success in Australia.

LtoR: Fadia Ghossayn, Carlos Ghosn, Maureen and Joe Rizk

He talked about the strength of the Lebanese who is characterized by his ambition and success in the country of expatriation. He congratulated George Ghossein and considered him a great example of the Lebanese success abroad. Mr. Ghossein has achieved and accomplished a lot in Australia thanks to his strength and sincerity.

Ghosn stressed his attachment to Lebanon and called on everyone to support this country in various fields, especially education, economy, investment, tourism and banking. He also pointed out that each expatriate can take care of a young Lebanese and give him the opportunity to start life."

Carlos Ghosan in conversation with Joe Khattar

A side of attendees amongst them Shade Khattar and Maureen Rizk


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