15 February 2017

State Member for Granville Julia Finn today joined Mr Charlie Wehbe and other family members to welcome the official naming of Joseph Wehbe Walk in Carlingford.

The late Joseph Wehbe, and father of Mr Charlie Wehbe, was a builder who constructed buildings in the Carlingford, Parramatta and Granville areas and also tirelessly maintained an unnamed laneway behind his home.

The Wehbe family approached Ms Finn for assistance soon after her election as Member for Granville. The former Parramatta City Council requested the Geographical Names Board to name the unnamed lane “Joseph Wehbe Lane” in memory of his contribution to the community and efforts in maintaining the laneway. However the Board refused the request, wanting to call the lane “Wehbe Lane” and did not agree to the new name “Joseph Wehbe Walk” until Ms Finn got involved.

The extended Wehbe family has made a great contribution to the Parramatta area. There are over a hundred families across the former Parramatta City Council local government area with Wehbe as their surname and many are quite prominent and active in their local communities.


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