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There is a 'war for drugs' rather than a 'war on drugs' in Australia

'Fountain of youth' drug that could reverse signs of ageing

Berejiklian: Racism 'has no place in Australia'

Qld orders retesting, transfer of quarantine guests at hotel amid UK mutant fears

Residents charged for a COVID test should ask for refund: Voltz

Grateful Albanese leaves hospital following car accident

First track laid on City and Southwest Metro

Iron ore price surges to $169 USD

China accuses Australia of weaponizing national security

There is a 'war for drugs' rather than a 'war on drugs' in Australia


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Sydney- M E Times Int'l:  Father and anti-drug campaigner Tony Wood said there seemed to a "war FOR drugs" rather than a "war ON drugs" in New South Wales as the government considers extending its controversial "Criminal Infringement Notices".

The system would give drug users another two strikes before they were criminally charged over drug offences.

Mr Wood said the education system inadequately addressed the risks and consequences of drug use.

"Our objective should be to reduce drug use. If we did that, we'd reduced the prison population, we'd reduce the mental illness; you could go on and on with the pluses for our country," he said.

"We can keep handing out these on the spot fines, but that's not the answer. A lot of people who die from taking ecstasy are first time users.

"We can't give them three strikes and you're out because they don't get three strikes. Anna was a first time user."

Mr Wood's teenage daughter Anna tragically died from an ecstasy overdose at a Sydney rave in 1995.

 Queensland University of Technology's Cancer and Ageing Research Program  discover anti-age drug | The West Australian

'Fountain of youth' drug that could reverse signs of ageing

Brisbane: Australian researchers are developing an anti-ageing pill they claim could trick old cells into thinking they’re 20 years younger.

But it may be more than the key to staying young – it’s also proven to delay the onset of disease, including some cancers.

Queensland University of Technology’s Cancer and Ageing Research Program’s Associate Professor Derek Richard said they believed they found the “holy grail”.

Their discovery could change the way we live and when we die as the lab turns back time.

“We may be able to take a 60-year-old’s cells and make them 40,” oncologist Dr Ken O’Byrne said.

Dr Richard said scientists found a lead compound that seemed to reverse the ageing process.

The anti-ageing drug could stop the DNA wrecking ball which causes cancer, heart disease, cholesterol, arthritis and Alzheimer’s, which 50 per cent of people over 80 have.

The new discovery could prevent all those diseases, delay their onset or even reverse it.

Scientists needs $5 million to turn the compound into a pill you take every day.

The same team who discovered the compound could also use the same science to create a new drug which could replace chemotherapy.

In pre-clinical trials, it has been effective in prostate cancer, drug-resistant lung cancer and melanoma.

“With our drugs we could impact on millions of people every year,” Dr Richard said.

Clinical trials will begin at the start of next year.

 Berejiklian: Racism 'has no place in Australia' | Sky News Australia

Berejiklian: Racism 'has no place in Australia'

Sydney: New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian says racism has no place in Australia and the alleged racial abuse at the Sydney Test match is not a broad representation of all Australians.

Six men were ejected from the Sydney Cricket Ground Test match on Sunday after India’s bowler Mohammed Siraj alleged racial abuse.

“If those claims are proven to be correct, it’s so un-Australian, there’s no place for racism at those events,” Ms Berejiklian said.

The premier was further probed as to whether she believed racism was a prominent problem in Australia.

“I don’t believe we have an inherent problem with racism … I do believe it rears its ugly head from time to time and we need to always be vigilant,” she responded.

“I don’t believe it reflects Australia, I don’t believe it reflects the vast majority of Australians, quite the opposite.

 Coronavirus Australia live news: Fears UK variant could spread to NSW,  Victoria from Queensland; CMO backs AstraZeneca vaccine

Qld orders retesting, transfer of quarantine guests at hotel amid UK  mutant fears

Brisbane: After a cluster of the highly contagious UK variant of COVID-19 was discovered at the Grand Chancellor quarantine hotel, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says all those in the hotel will have to restart their quarantine.

This means the remaining 129 guests will be moved to other hotels and tested. They will not be charged for their time at the Grand Chancellor or in the hotels that they are going to be moved tomorrow.

Two hundred and twenty-six people who worked in the hotel since December 30 are going to be contacted and they will go into quarantine and get tested.

Two hundred and fifty quarantined guests who have left the hotel since December 30 are now currently being contacted. They will be quarantined and tested. No more guests have gone into the hotel since the variant was discovered on January 7.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the state had one case of community transmission overnight; a child in a household of existing cases.

Australia currently has 311 active COVID-19 cases, including both locally and overseas acquired.

 Labor MP Lynda Voltz reveals 'spent conviction' to shadow cabinet | Daily  Telegraph

Residents charged for a COVID test should ask for refund: Voltz

Sydney: Labor Member for Auburn, Lynda Voltz is urging residents who’ve been wrongly changed for COVID tests to seek a refund.

There have been cases of residents being charged for COVID tests at local pathology labs in Western Sydney since the Berala outbreak, particularly those with limited English skills and those with no Medicare cards.

 “I have spoken to the Minister for Health who has agreed to arrange a refund for anyone that may have been charged for a COVID test.  I will also be asking for refunds for those that have been charged a consultation fee at a NSW Health nominated private testing clinic.

 “I would urge anyone that has been charged a fee for a COVID Test to contract my electorate office on 9737 8822 and provide a copy of their invoice or receipt and I will forward it to the Minister for Health on their behalf.  You can also send an email to”

 Albanese thanks hospital staff, police following car accident

Grateful Albanese leaves hospital following car accident

Sydney: Federal Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has thanked medical and law enforcement personnel for their help following his involvement in a car accident that led to his hospitalisation.

Standing outside Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney’s Inner West, Mr Albanese said he was in transit from his Marrickville electorate office to his home when his vehicle was struck by another car. He said the young driver has apologised for the accident.

“I incurred some injuries, both external and internal, that required support here at Prince Alfred Hospital and which will require some ongoing assistance as an out-patient,” the ALP leader said. 

 Mr Albanese expressed his gratitude to health workers and thankfulness for an effective public health system.

 “When Kerry Packer had a heart attack, he turned up in emergency at Prince Alfred Hospital --  when my mum, a single mum, an invalid pensioner with acute needs, she turned up here in emergency and got the same level of care,” he said.

Build Australia | First tracks laid on City & Southwest Metro - Build  Australia 

First track laid on City and Southwest Metro

Sydney: The first tracks have been laid on the City & Southwest Metro, marking a milestone in the delivery of Australia's biggest public transport infrastructure project.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said extending Sydney Metro from the north west into the city and Bankstown will forever change how we get around Sydney and will create vital jobs.

“The construction of this mega project couldn’t come at a more important time for our State. Metro forms a key part of the Government’s $107 billion infrastructure pipeline.

“More than 5000 people are working across the City & Southwest Metro project and, by the time the project opens, around 50,000 people will have worked on it.”

Andrew Constance MP on Twitter:

Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said Sydney will have 31 Metro railway stations and a 66km standalone Metro railway system in 2024.

 “North West Metro has been a great success with more than 25 million customers already using the service, and this extension into the city and southwest will see a Metro train every two minutes in both directions under the CBD,” Mr Constance said.

Metro trains will start running through the tunnels in 2024.

Vision available to download:

 Iron ore price surges to $169 USD | Daily Telegraph

Iron ore price surges to $169 USD

Canberra: The iron ore price has risen to $169 USD per tonne, just shy of the record $193 USD per tonne set in 2011.

 BHP, Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals have also seen considerable growth in their share prices, reaching record highs.

 The materials sector as a whole is performing well, up 0.1 per cent on the ASX in early trade.

 China accuses Australia of weaponizing national security | Sky News  Australia

China accuses Australia of weaponizing national security

Canberra: China has accused Australia of weaponizing national security after Treasurer Josh Frydenberg blocked the sale of Australia-based company Probuild to state-owned China State Construction Engineering Corporation.

Probuild is working on the construction of the Melbourne headquarters for biotech company CSL, where Australia’s locally-produced vaccine will manufactured.


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