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Post-covid comeback has begun: Aust PM Morrison

NSW Budget allocates $12.3m to target extremism

New smartwatch to record DV evidence

NSW Govt gives $10m to help women return to work

New school nurses not enough, says NSW Labor

Identity politics a ‘curse’: Former PM Howard

Tensions boil over into violence as Trump fans clash with BLM protesters

Sydney’s skies plastered with pro-Trump slogan

Election fraud claims 'have taken hold' amongst Trump's constituency

Post-covid comeback has begun: Aust PM Morrison


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Canberra - M E Times Int'l: Prime Minister Scott Morrison says jobs and infrastructure are Australia’s road to recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph’s Bradfield Oration, the prime minister highlighted his government’s spending, particularly in Sydney to stimulate economic growth.

“We’ve never pressed pause on infrastructure, and we can’t press pause on Australia’s recovery from the COVID-19 recession,” Mr Morrison said.

“This government has supported some of Sydney’s biggest and most transformative projects.

"This within a national spend on what we're building of $110 billion over the next 10 years.

“Stimulating infrastructure activity to drive our economy out of recession and create thousands of jobs is a key part of our recovery plan.

“The comeback has certainly begun.”


NSW Budget allocates $12.3m to target extremism

Sydney: Targeting hate crime, building community harmony and responding to threats of violent extremism are the focus of an additional $12.3 million investment through the NSW Government’s 2020-21 Budget.

Minister for Counter Terrorism Anthony Roberts said the funding will boost a number of successful programs.

“The NSW Government understands that there is no one path to violent extremism and the challenge is ever evolving,” Mr Roberts said

Attorney General Mark Speakman said this funding will support a range of services across government and throughout the community to combat violence and hate.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services said this package will include an injection of funding for the NSW Police Force’s Engagement and Hate Crime Unit.

“We will strengthen the NSW Police Force’s capability to address hate crime, by providing additional training for frontline officers and additional resources to assist in the investigation of these heinous crimes,” Mr Elliott said.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said countering violent extremism and hate crime has been a long-standing priority for the Force.

“The NSW Police Force remains committed to detecting, intervening, and most importantly, preventing bias-motivated and fixated person crimes,” the Commissioner said.

Funding will also be allocated to deliver counselling and develop campaigns and projects targeted at countering hatred and building community cohesion.

 Domestic Violence Australia: Smartwatch to help keep victims safe

New smartwatch to record DV evidence

Secret and secure technology that can be programmed to a smartwatch could be the key to helping at risk women stay connected and get much needed help in crisis.

The StandbyU Foundation have developed a world-first solution to put control back in the hands of the victim with technology that can record what is happening so it can be used as evidence.

Women who face high to low risk family and domestic violence can click a button on their watch to activate an alert, allowing chosen support networks to listen in, find the victim and organise help.

The alert loops through a caller list of selected contacts – which comes through as a regular phone call – and can allow a conference call for all members who answer.

The software can be programmed to watches or devices that have a SIM and has the function to make calls.


NSW Govt gives $10m to help women return to work

Sydney: Women across New South Wales will have access to grants of up to $5,000 through the State Government’s new $10 million Return to Work program, as part of the 2020-21 Budget.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the program would provide women with financial assistance and targeted support including mentoring, advice and training to help them return to the workforce.

“These grants will help women whose employment has been affected by COVID-19 to overcome some of the obstacles in returning to the workforce,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“I encourage women from all walks of life to apply for these grants and use this springboard to jump back into their former career or even start a new one.”

It is estimated that women make up 53 per cent of directly affected industries and 65 per cent of secondary industries impacted by the pandemic.


New school nurses not enough, says NSW Labor

Sydney: Labor believes the NSW Government’s announcement of 100 school nurses to be shared between 2200 schools does not go far enough, especially after the Government failed to deliver its promised rollout of school counsellors across NSW.

Students have seen the largest disruption to their schooling in generations but 75 per cent of students will be forced to wait until after 2022 before receiving the counsellors promised in schools during the last election campaign.

Despite the Government’s big promises, not one additional school counsellor has been put in place in NSW schools to assist students with mental health over the course of the pandemic.

NSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay said: “This announcement means that nurses will spend most of their time driving between the 22 schools they are each required to be covering. It’s unworkable.”

 Howard warns identity politics will leave history students in the dark

Identity politics a ‘curse’: Former PM Howard

Sydney: Former prime minister John Howard says one of the curses of modern politics is identity politics.

“The politics that I learnt from the very beginning was the politics of developing a platform that was appealing to people no matter where they came from,” he said.

On politics and small business, Mr Howard said “you develop an attractive policy for small business - that appeals to men, it appeals to women”.

 “It appeals to people of Chinese background, Middle-Eastern background … in other words you don’t need to pursue the identities if you have the right policy,” he said.

 “What we are now doing is that we’re first of all choosing the identity – the goal is to achieve the support of the identity, not to maximise support for a good policy.

“I think one of the curses of modern politics is identity politics.”

Tensions boil over into violence as Trump fans clash with BLM protesters -  YouTube 

Tensions boil over into violence as Trump fans clash with BLM protesters

Police were forced to intervene after a day of mostly peaceful protests in Washington DC became violent when Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters crossed paths with Trump supporters on the main street leading to the White House.

Law enforcement officers blocked off streets in an effort to try and keep the two groups apart but were forced to protect a hotel where Trump fans were staying from anti-Trump activists.

The incident resulted in a stand-off which lasted nearly an hour and a separate incident resulted in stabbing which was perpetrated at Freedom Plaza.

A notable presence among the Trump supporters were the Proud Boys, a far-right group.

The day started of with tens of thousands of people descending on DC to voice their support for Donald Trump not conceding election defeat.

 Politics Archives - Team Trump USA

Sydney’s skies plastered with pro-Trump slogan

Sydney: Sydney’s skies have been littered with a pro Trump slogan calling for the outgoing US president to remain in office for the next four years.

A skywriting sign saying “Trump 2020” has been plastered across Sydney at approximately midday, echoing support for President Donald Trump who is claiming voting fraud in the recent election, which he lost to Joe Biden.

The statement coincides with major rallies in the US by Trump supporters who believe the President’s claims of a rigged election that has favoured Democrat voters.

It has widely been reported President Trump’s claims of a rigged election favouring Democrat voters are unsubstantiated. He is also yet to concede defeat.

Despite Australians being unable to vote in a US election, social media has erupted over the Sydney skyline being smeared with the pro-Trump slogan.

One Twitter user said “who would waste money on this in Sydney?”, while another said the call for support was “utterly disturbing”.

 Election fraud claims 'have taken hold' amongst Trump's constituency | Sky  News Australia

Election fraud claims 'have taken hold' amongst Trump's constituency

Trump fans rallying in Washington to support of the president’s claims of election fraud are acting as a counterweight to groups celebrating a Biden victory, according to New Republic Reporter Alex Shephard.

Those taking part in large pro-Trump demonstrations have been showing “they have his back,” he told media.

Mr Shephard pointed out the large rallies also revealed allegations about voter fraud had “really taken hold among a sizeable slice” of the Republican constituency.

Polls show between 70-90 per cent of Republicans have serious doubts about the results of the election, he said.


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