The role of women today has her as an equal partner in the building of the nation...

Oman: Oman marks annual Women's Day

Sultanate marks 11th anniversary of Omani Women’s Day

Sultanate marks 11th anniversary of Omani Women’s Day


Muscat: It was an energetic day full of enthusiasm as discussions proceeded about empowerment of women. At each symposium held alongside late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’ Meet-the-People Tour there was a topic that was analysed and discussed in depth.

There it was in 2009 during the symposium on Omani Women held at Saih Al Makarim, October 17 was declared as Oman Women’s Day. There was jubilation as women congratulated each other.

The girls who were in schools then or in college, who could have watched it on the television news are now decision makers in their careers and at their homes.

The role of women today has her as an equal partner in the building of the nation, but her strength still continues in being the mother, says Zubaida Jawad al Khabouri, who enjoyed her career growth starting right from the early years of Oman’s modern renaissance in 1972 as a teacher, as head section of girls school and later into national archiving. Her career teaches us how we can continue to evolve with continuous training and learning. According to her, women’s strength is her patience.

Sharifa Saif al Jabri began her career in the 1980s and today she is retired with a rich career experience to look back on as she retired as Director of Nursing and Midwifery and President Oman Nursing & Midwifery Council in the Ministry of Health.

“I thank Allah who guided me to be a midwife which means “being with a woman”. I have witnessed firsthand the courage, tolerance and perseverance of women during childbirth or loss of a child. Having the opportunity to support a woman through this important milestone of humanity has been rewarding and an honour for me. I wish all the citizens and residents of this great Nation, specifically women, to continue to be resilient and courageous to reach new achievements in life,” says Sharifa who continues to inspire others.

“The country has called upon both man and woman to shoulder the responsibilities of building the country as per the quotes on empowering woman from late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said (may Allah rest his soul in the highest level of paradise) has called upon all women in the country to shoulder the responsibility just like a bird needs two wings to fly,” said Fatma al Hashmi, Efficiency Manager at BP Oman, who has 20 years experience in the oil and gas industry.

Her advice to women, “Never underestimate your full potential by careful measuring push your limits and make a difference in the world. Be a role model for many generations to come.”

“Indeed there are still challenges for women, however the reflection of the Sultanate believes in women and their abilities and therefore there is a great empowerment and are supported by giving rights to women and closing the gender gap,” says Amina al Qutaibi a crew trainer who worked in Oman Air for 15 years.

She describes the strength of a woman. “Being a woman she acts upon her natural instincts and this in itself allows her to reflect with qualities such as empathy, intuition and the ability to multitask and work under pressure in her professional life.”

Noura Salim al Majarafi said the declaration of the Omani Women’s Day empowered her to work harder towards achieving her life and work goals, knowing that women now are being recognized.

“I would like to see women holding higher technical positions in the oil and gas industry. Their strength really shines through their ability to be compassionate and carry a sense of humility that drives their success.

A woman’s strength? “To be happy and knowing what it takes to make her own happiness and to spread positivity and lift others up. It is her ability to stand up for what is right and share her opinions as well as to be confident and know her value,” she says.

“There are challenges of course and that are to find the work life balance and coping with life and work’s fears and failures,” says Noura who is now working as Goal Deployment Coach in PDO and previously as reservoir engineer.


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