“She is human like the rest of us,”

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Scott Morrison says NSW needs Gladys Berejiklian more than ever

Scott Morrison says NSW needs Gladys Berejiklian more than ever


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Scott Morrison has staunchly defended NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, saying the state needs her now more than ever.

Ms Berejiklian faces a no-confidence motion in both houses of the NSW parliament on Wednesday as her former lover Daryl Maguire gives evidence at the anti-corruption watchdog.

The Prime Minister has again publicly backed her leadership and commended her response to the coronavirus pandemic as the best in the nation.

“I’ve known Gladys for a long time and I can speak for her integrity,” Mr Morrison told 2GB.

“That would have been incredibly tough to admit to some personal decisions that obviously she regrets.

“Right now is when NSW needs Gladys Berejiklian more than ever.”

Mr Morrison said Ms Berejiklian was a very private person and had shown great strength through her vulnerability this week.

“She is human like the rest of us,” he said.

“Gladys has dedicated her life to public service and, you know, not everybody is as fortunate as others … in their personal lives and how their relationships go.”

Mr Morrison said he had never seen Ms Berejiklian make the same mistake twice.

On coronavirus, Mr Morrison said there had been some other great performances by premiers across the country, but Ms Berejiklian had cemented a gold standard.

“We’re in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, NSW I think has led the way in the way through this,” he said.

“They’ve had their challenges like everybody else, but they’ve got through them, they have learnt from them and become stronger, and Gladys has spearheaded that.”

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