Berejiklian's outstanding pandemic efforts saved many people in NSW

Berejiklian supporters rally around her in time of need

Berejiklian supporters rally around her in time of need

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The NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, known as an honourable person and someone with “great integrity”, has kept her personal and professional lives separate.

Also she has not been accused of any wrongdoing but some say her position is untenable, despite her popularity and success in guiding the state through the bushfire crisis and the coronavirus pandemic.

There are some of her colleagues who will take advantage of her interrogation at ICAC because they just want her to resign.

The Guardian’s investigative reporter Anne Davies wrote that “ambitious figures” in the Liberal party had been circling Ms Berejiklian almost since the day she won the 2019 election.

But she has been viewed as unassailable because of her integrity and work ethic. Until now.

Ms Berejiklian’s survival may depend on whether there are any further revelations from the inquiry.

So far Ms Berejiklian’s colleagues appear to be backing her.

During a press conference Treasurer Dominic Perrottet and Health Minister Brad Hazzard both praised Ms Berejiklian as someone with “great integrity”.

Mr Hazzard said “I 100 per cent back our Premier” and said she was “by far the best Premier in this country”.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance also supported her and said she had a “heart of gold”.

“This is a human being who has worked her socks off for this state, and deserves enormous regard and respect, and will continue to do so, and that’s the important thing for the people of NSW,” he said.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Jonathan O’Dea threw his support behind Ms Berejiklian saying she was a “very decent person”.

While he acknowledged there may be one or two people who may “take potshots”, Mr O’Dea said “I’m absolutely confident she has the strong support of the vast majority of her colleagues, including myself”.

However, others were sceptical about her leadership and Ms Berejiklian has her detractors.

NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay is calling on Ms Berejiklian to resign, tweeting that she had “turned a blind eye to corruption”.

“I think her political judgment has been poor,” Ms McKay told reporters.

Former Premier Mike Baird also had a supportive message for Ms Berejiklian on Facebook.

“It’s been a very difficult day for my friend Gladys,” he wrote.

“I’ve always known her as a woman of high integrity, who works tirelessly for the people of NSW. She’s a great Premier, doing great things for this state.”

Many of the comments were also supportive of Ms Berejiklian.

“Best premier for ages … She’s done a great job … private life aside she has showed true professionalism.. Everyone makes mistakes.. Backing her 100 per cent,” one woman wrote.


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