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Kuwait Defense Ministry scrambled into action when pandemic broke out

Observation wards at the field hospital in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh

Kuwait Defense Ministry scrambled into action when pandemic broke out


KUWAIT-- Personnel of the Ministry of Defense, since very first moments of the novel coronavirus breakout, have scrambled into action placing all military and civil resources to support State efforts against the pandemic.

The ministry, in a report prepared by the morale guidance AND public relations department at the Kuwaiti Amry, has affirmed that its cadres have been performing, in this respect, in an excellent fashion, implementing the Cabinet resolutions as to security and precuationary measures for facing the virus that has hit the country and the whole world.

Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Meshaal Al-Sabah, head of medical services authority, said, upon instructions by Minister of Defense Sheikh Ahmad Mansour Al-Sabah, the authority has put all its resources and efforts at the State disposal for facing the pandemic, playing a major role by backing the Ministry of Health in addition to lending support to other ministries and various State sectors.

Sheikh Dr. Abdullah lauded all staff who exerted a lot of efforts, acting diligently round the clock to lend care for infected persons.

For his part, Lieutenant Colonel, assistant commander of the Ministry of Defense quarantine camp in the region of Subhan, affirmed close coordination with the MoH and the Ministry of Interior for establishing and equipping the 1,000-bed facility.

Colonel Humoud Al-Enezi, commander of the military quarantine in Al-Jahraa, said personnel of the MoD engineering department had, after the pandemic breakout, transformed three buildings into quarantines with a capacity of 150 beds.

Col. Saud Al-Sayegh, in charge of a quarantine in Al-Julaiaa, affirmed that staff at the quarantine coordinate regularly with peers from the MoH for sake of taking off some of the burden from the health department.

The commander of the medical services quarantine, Col. Musaed Bujarwa, said the facility includes 595 beds, with a highly experienced medical team that examine the patients every day.

For his part, Col. Mohammad Al-Mumen, in charge of the medical team at the medical services quarantine, said the site includes a special clinic to host critical cases, in addition to the patients' wards and a pharmacy.

Lieut. Col. Abdullah Al-Mutawaa, head of the medical engineering unit at the medical services authority, said his department had taken charge of equipping the quarantines affiliated to the Armed Forces, providing logisitics and upgrading the technical sustem at Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital and the quarantines.

The unit provides support to the military groups, coordinates with State authorities for lending support to the quarantines and ensures that the quarantines personnel adhere to international specifications.


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