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FROM Australia - News in Brief

Prime Minister Scott Morrison posts record approval ratings

$1 Billion to support jobs in NSW

Victoria has recorded 90 new cases of the coronavirus at the weekend

Welfare groups put pressure on the government for permanent increase

Australians should be nervous about President Donald Trump

Prime Minister Scott Morrison posts record approval ratings


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Sydney - M E Times Int'l: Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s personal approval ratings have hit a record high ahead of this weekend’s Eden-Monaro by-election, according to the latest Newspoll by The Australian.

Figures indicate Mr Morrison‘s personal approval has climbed by two points to 68 per cent, however his dissatisfaction rate also fell by the same amount to 27 per cent.

This means the Prime Minister’s net approval rating is the highest it’s been since he became leader in August 2018 and the highest of any prime minister since Kevin Rudd.

 Newspoll: Coalition rides wave of support as fears subside

$1 Billion to support jobs in NSW

Canberra: The Federal and State Liberal and Nationals Governments will support nearly 5,500 jobs across New South Wales through a joint $1 billion investment in shovel-ready infrastructure projects and road safety upgrades.

The funding will be allocated to three key priorities:

           $240 million to fix 11 congestion hotspots around Sydney, supporting 1,000 direct and indirect jobs;

           $382 million to help local councils upgrade roads across regional NSW, supporting 3,500 direct and indirect jobs; and

           $398 million for road safety projects in regional areas, supporting 950 direct and indirect jobs.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said further investment in infrastructure would play a critical role in the Commonwealth’s JobMaker plan and help the New South Wales economy as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Partnering with state and territory governments to invest in more major infrastructure projects across Australia is a key part of our JobMaker plan to rebuild our economy and create more jobs,” the Prime Minister said.

“This funding injection means we have brought forward or provided additional funding of more than $2.7 billion across New South Wales in the past eight months.

 Coronavirus spike in Victoria: 90 new COVID-19 cases over weekend ...

Victoria has recorded 90 new cases of the coronavirus at the weekend

Melbourne: Victoria has recorded 90 new cases of the coronavirus at the weekend in a suburban testing blitz where 40,000 people were subjected to testing.

Authorities considered reinstating lockdown measures on suburbs identified as hotspots, but Premier Daniel Andrews said he would not make a decision until the testing blitz was completed.

A world first saliva test – developed by Victoria’s Doherty Institute – will be rolled out on Monday to make the testing process more comfortable.

A government crackdown on the hotel quarantine system would also see all returned visitors tested for the virus or be in quarantine for an additional 10 days.

 Coalition plays down reports of permanent $75 rise in jobseeker ...

Welfare groups put pressure on the government for permanent increase

Canberra: The Morrison government says it needs time to assess changes to its subsidy schemes before it can announce any new support system.

Welfare groups put pressure on the government to permanently increase the JobSeeker allowance after reports were hosed down on Sunday that the former Newstart payment would be increased by $75.

The next phases of the government support schemes will not be revealed until the Treasurer provides an economic update on July 23.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to bring forward about $1 billion in funding for NSW roads to relieve congestion in Sydney and improve safety on country roads.

 Australians should be 'nervous' about Donald Trump's re-election ...

Australians should be nervous about President Donald Trump

Australians should be nervous about President Donald Trump as much as they are seemingly about Chinese President Xi Jinping according to former Labor Minister Stephen Conroy.

A study by the Lowy Institute has given a snapshot of how Australians now feel towards China and the US. “It’s a sobering read,” Mr Conroy said.

Confidence in President Xi now stands at just 22 per cent, with 94 per cent of Australians wanting the government to reduce its economic dependence on China, while trust in China to behave responsibly has collapsed to 23 per cent.

 “Yet in the face of all of this, the Lowy Institute Poll had an even more disturbing finding.... only 30% of Australians have confidence in President Trump,” Mr Conroy said.

“Australians should be nervous about a President who has trashed his democratic European allies, threatened to pull out of NATO, ridiculed South Korea and Japan and according to his former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, asked President Xi to help him get re-elected”.

“The real elephant in the room is not, 'will China change its behaviour?', it is 'can the faith Australians have in our long-term defence alliance survive a Trump second term?'.


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