He appealed to all citizens

BASSIL: To Tighten Measures up to Imposing Curfew

BASSIL: To Tighten Measures up to Imposing Curfew

21 Mar 2020

Lebanon – Free Patriotic Movement Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, issued a statement on Saturday, indicating that “medical statistics and available data confirm that Lebanon is entering at a predictable rapid pace into the dangerous upward phase of the Corona epidemic outbreak, which necessitates taking exceptional and deterrent measures to limit the speed of the growing risk.”

“Therefore, we call on the government and its concerned bodies, especially the security forces, to seriously consider tightening procedures and isolating some areas, up to imposing curfew except in cases that are allowed by permits, and issuing fines against those violating instructions and endangering themselves and others, pursuant to Article 604 of the Penal Code,” Bassil said.

He appealed to all citizens "to stay in their homes”, urging supporters, affiliates and friends of the Free Patriotic Movement “to fully adhere to home quarantine, except for those who undertake volunteer missions in the Corona Prevention Response Team.”

“We call upon all to deal responsibly and not to slide into any sectarian or regional language regarding the subject of the spread of Corona. We are all in one nation, and there is no safety for one more than the other except through our mutual solidarity to protect each other,” Bassil corroborated.

He also called on the Lebanese Central Bank, and all banks, to accord absolute priority to opening the necessary credits for medical imports, and urged the Health Ministry to facilitate their quick entry and distribution where needed. 

"Lebanon, as other countries, will pass through a critical health phase that we can overcome if we show individual and collective awareness and prove, as usual, that we are a people who do not fear difficulties; yet this time by not challenging but preventing them...Let us prove once again the ability of the Lebanese to bear and adapt to any circumstances, even if through home quarantine this time,” Bassil concluded.


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