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Sydney: The Hon Tony Burke MP, Member for Watson, Sophie Cotsis MP Member for Canterbury and Jihad Dib MP Member for Lakemba have teamed up to launch Side by Side: Our Community Standing with Yours, a website and Facebook page to showcase the outstanding contributions of our local community for bushfire victims, firefighters and wildlife.  

The website will act as a hub of information that will connect our community with bushfire affected communities and organisations accepting donations.  

MPS Cotsis (C), Burke (L) and Dib (R)

For bushfire-affected communities, immediate assistance is important – but so is ongoing help in the months ahead.  

Many families will be doing it tough for a long time as they seek to rebuild their lives and homes.  

Also a meeting consisting of local State Members and various community leaders will come together to have a discussion to decide on long term projects for the communities affected by the bushfire crises.   

Further information on how you can contribute to this long term project will be available on the website Side by Side: Our Community Standing with Yours which will be launched shortly.   

Tony Burke said: “I would like to thank volunteers from various local community organisations in their quick response to assist in the bushfire crisis, whether it was raising much-needed funds or dropping off essentials to affected areas.”  

“The last thing volunteers seek is official recognition. However, I believe recognising the work of these individuals is important, which is why this website I am launching together with the community will do exactly that.”

A Group Picture

“What I love about this community is when our fellow Australians need a helping hand, we’re always one of the first to lend it.”

 “Our community is standing side by side with our fellow Australians and I ask you to join us in the recovery.”  

Sophie Cotsis said “A huge thanks to our firefighters and volunteers an extraordinary effort despite the many tragedies, loss of life and displacement of peoples lives.”  

“I’m very proud of our community who have seen literally thousands of people donate important items to our fellow Australians from toiletries to hampers to people emptying their weekly shopping.”   

“Our community would like to continue to help along with Tony, Jihad, councillors and of course our community leaders. We are there side by side.”  

Jihad Dib said “We are the lucky ones; safe from the bushfires, however, as a community, we are committed to standing alongside others who are not so fortunate.”  

“There has already been a very generous contribution from the community in food and other essential items and today, we reaffirm our determination to support others in need through this excellent partnership.”

“Once the fires are out and people get onto the task of rebuilding their lives and establishing some normalcy, it’s the practical things that will make a difference and in this case, bikes for children, is a great place to start.”

MP Tony Burke and C. Shalala


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