In the presence of the representative of the Premier and the Ambassadors of Lebanon, Kuwait

ALCC announces 2019 business awards at gala dinner in Sydney

In the presence of the representative of the Premier and the Ambassadors of Lebanon, Kuwait and the Consul General of Lebanon and the President of the Legislative Council in NSWALCC announces 2019 business awards at gala dinner in Sydney


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Sydney - M E Times Int'l: ALCC The Australian-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce (ALCC) held the Annual Business Awards Dinner 2019, at the Doltone House in Sydney, in the presence of political and diplomatic figures, mayors and businessmen, as well as representatives of political parties, institutions, associations and media.

Dominello MP

The ceremony was also attended by Minister and MP Hon. Victor Dominello representing the Premier of NSW Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, Kuwait's Ambassador to Australia Monther Bader Al-Eissa, Lebanon's Ambassador to Australia Milad Raad and wife Rola. Consul General of Lebanon in Sydney Charbel Macaron and wife Joel, President of the Legislative Council of NSW John Ajaka MLC, Assistant President and Member of the State Legislative Council Shaoquett Moselmane MLC, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Jordan Ali Kreishan, President of the Lebanese Australian Chamber of Commerce Joe Khattar, Regional President of the World Lebanese Cultural Union Michel Douaihy, Head of the Maronite Patriarchate Foundation for Comprehensive Development in Australia Businessman Sarkis Nassif, Owner of (Ghossayn Group) Businessman George Ghossayn, President of the Arab Bank Australia Geoff Wild, President of the Maronite Council Tony Khattar, President of the Australian-Lebanese Foundation, Prof. Fadia Ghossayn, former President of the Maronite League, Toufic Kayrouz, Advisor to the Maronite Archbishop Anwar Harb .

Kuwait ambassador Monther Al-Eissa (L) and ALCC president Joe Khattar


Speaking at the ceremony, the representative of the Premier, Minister and MP Victor Dominello: "He conveys the greetings form Premier Berejiklian to all of you and her congratulations to the winners. "Tonight is a celebration of the contribution Lebanese have made to Australia. He Thanks the president and committee members of the (ALCC) and wishing them further success in the future." Dominello said.


Arab Bank Australia Executive Director Joe Rizk delivered a brief speech in which he welcomed the attendees and said: “we thank all people working in the chamber behind the scenes" we love Australia and we love Lebanon.”

The ceremony included a screening of a film about Lebanon and its main tourist sites, as well as the most prestigious hotels and restaurants. Arabic and English songs were also included.

Arab Bank Australia (Abal) and Etihad Airways are sponsors.


- Al Assel Food Services - Hospitality

- Robbie Farah - Sport

- Melissa Sassine - Makeup Artist

Moselmane MLC, R&M Raad, M&M Rizk and Mr Taylor

S. Moselmane, F. Deiri, J. Khattar, C. Macaron and J. Ajaka MLC

S.Khattar, M. Rizk and other guests

Mr J. Rizk, A&AHarb, J&C Macaron, S. Khattar and Mr G. Wild

F&G Ghossayn, Mr&Mrs Nichola and other guests

M. Rizk, Amb. Al-Eissa, Mr&Mrs Shalala

S. Nassif and other guests

J. Rizk, G. Wild and L. Taylor

Kayrouz, Khattar, Shalala, Doueihi and Geagea

Chahine, El-Aseel and Asfour


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