''LEBANON is Before Two Lurking Dangers," Warns Geagea From Canada

 "Are America and its allies ready to go any further?" Geagea questioned.

''LEBANON is Before Two Lurking Dangers," Warns Geagea From Canada

 "Are America and its allies ready to go any further?" Geagea questioned.

06 Oct 2019

Canada - Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, considered Sunday that there are two dangers threatening the Lebanese state at the current stage.

"The first is of a security-military-strategic nature, in the sense that Lebanon is currently similar to a bus with no driver, whereby the person driving it is other than that sitting behind the steering wheel, and we know not the destination to which we are heading," explained Geagea. "The

decision of peace and war is entirely in Hezbollah's hands, hoping that the latter will not drag us into a war in the region, with all its dramatic consequences," he added.

"The second risk is of a very serious financial-economic nature, for the state owes more than 94 billion dollars, and growth is close to zero percent in recent years, and the state's revenues are decreasing while its expenses are increasing," indicated Geagea.

The LF Chief's words came in his address before partisans attending the Lebanese Forces' 23rd Conference in North America, which was held in Canada in the presence of MP Strida Geagea, "Strong Republic" Bloc Secretary Fadi Karam, and a crowd of senior Party members, dignitaries and Lebanese expatriates.

The LF Chief pointed to one of the many obstacles facing the country, namely "the presence of around 5,300 illegitimate employees in state administrations who were illegally hired...let alone the illegal crossings that have not been closed because they are a source of benefit to some, while others do not want a regulating body for the tele-communications sector...etc." He added, "So with such a psychic, we will never overcome our crisis. This is why we were against the current budget because it does not take the country out of its crisis."

At the regional level, Geagea considered that "there is a huge confrontation in the region between America and its allies on one hand, and Iran and its allies, on the other, manifested by the recent economic sanctions that are not likely to produce any outcome..."

"Are America and its allies ready to go any further?" he questioned. "All the indications suggest otherwise, which means that Iran will emerge stronger from this crisis, and therefore there is a huge question mark regarding the situation in the Middle East in light of this reality," stated Geagea.

The LF Chief praised the "remarkable organization of the comrades in North America," congratulating partisans on their exerted efforts to hold the conference for the 23rd consecutive year.

The encounter concluded with a "question-and-answer" session between Geagea and attending partisans and supporters.


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