The FPM celebrates the anniversary of August 7

"Nothing stops us from dreaming" - Minister Gebran Bassil

The FPM celebrates the anniversary of August 7

"Nothing stops us from dreaming" - Minister Gebran Bassil


(Translated and Edited  by the M. E Times - it's appears in Arabic section)

Lebanon - M E Times Int'l:  The Free Patriotic Movement held a celebration on the occasion of the August 7 Anniversary and laid the foundation stone for its general headquarters in Dbayeh, in the presence of the FPM leader, Minister Gebran Bassil, a number of ministers, deputies, cadres and party members.

After the national anthem and a speech by former Minister Pierre Raffoul, Minister Bassil said: "On August 7, we endured injustice on our own and we are still bearing it; the proof is that we are celebrating this anniversary alone. We carry the slogan of freedom, sovereignty and independence in the face of political forces. We remember the past that we are proud of. On August 7, we were beaten, imprisoned and we have won. So we chose August 7 to lay the foundation stone for our home."

"General Aoun used to say that we are the cornerstones of the Lebanese house, insisting on a policy of understandings with all people. We will not abandon anyone. We want to build a Lebanese house with all the Lebanese parties. We want to build a country, not a farm, and this is the essence of the dispute in the country. We want to build the FPM House with The widow fils, so we need your help," He added.

"We are building our House from the people’s donations. You will hear a lot of criticism from those who have palaces built from extortions imposed on people and from the State projects, outside money, arms and drugs sale. Our FPM’s honor deters us from reaching out to the People’s pocket or the State’s funds. We do not reach out abroad to sell the cause and they criticize our poverty and call us corrupted, " He added.

"We are building a national monument to be a model of political action

Minister Gebran Bassil

"We are building a national monument to be a model of political action and there will be also a truth monument in the FPM house, because the truth liberates us and it’s the highest value in our public life. Truth is the ceiling of freedom. We decided to bury the lie and rumour there and give a lesson to all liars. I promise you not to exempt anyone of those who are telling lies  about us and teach them a lesson in morality," He said.

Nothing stops us from dreaming

Minister Gebran Bassil

"This house is our dream and we will achieve it no matter how hard. Nothing stops us from dreaming. We are building this house in the heart of Lebanon and from this house we will see all of Lebanon, so that we can always be transparent and open. We will remain Lebanese nationalists and Orientals; we will preserve this land and build the house on the rock of independence to say that Lebanon is our rock. We have no alternative to this entity with its mission and diversity. There is no spot in the world that gives us an alternative; there is no alternative to Lebanon as long as we have a pulse. We will stay here to defend our Lebanon," He continued.

"Today, we are still working alone, because we want deep reconciliation, not superficiality. Our return has started on the political level as we brought our deputies. We wanted to end the displaced return by drawing up a plan to close the Ministry. We expressed the profound reconciliation in Deir al-Qamar Mass but later, the rejection of Camille Chamoun mind appeared in the mountain.”

"Our people in the mountain have the right to true development without any discrimination. Our reaction is not to fall into the political ambush and polytheism. We will not allow a Druze-Christian conflict in the mountain, and we are working steadily for partnership. No turning back now no matter what they lie about. Blocking the road and assaulting ministers and deputies visiting their areas and their people. The facts are clear and no military, judicial or criminal justice can turn a blind eye."

The facts are clear and no military, judicial or criminal justice can turn a blind eye."

Minister Gebran Bassil

“We will not ask for anyone’s permission to enter our homes in the Mountain. Will not allow political fiefdoms and the army has a duty to protect us. Before the accident we considered the concept of state versus non-state. Today you can see the militia logic versus the State logic. The militia is connected abroad. However, the State of law that we want is immune from outside violations. We will remain cross-sectarians and working for deep reconciliations regardless of obstacles,” He continued.

Bassil considered that August 7, 2001 is a big lie by accusing us of working for Israel. The lie does not matter. What it is important is that they lie about us and our truth and the lie is still going to tarnish our image and harm our credibility and cause. The difference today is that the lying party leader is our brother because he is busy with internal competition among us and does not care about our rights, our existence and our being. "

"I pledge not to violate the Christian-Christian reconciliation, so I endured injustice and lying in the belief that I protect it. However, I found out that I was offending it because my silence will contribute to continue abusing it. I think it is still possible to save the Maarab agreement. Maarab agreement is different from the reconciliation that occurred in Rabieh when the political agreement was announced. We will not compromise this reconciliation and will never return no matter what happens to the infighting.

The Maarab agreement is a political agreement demanded by Samir Geagea as a political alternative for supporting General Michel Aoun in the presidency. It was generalized that we have violated the agreement and did not pay our debt after we had collected what’s ours. The truth and the essence of the agreement is that we shall be together supporting the president and agreeing on the appointments and election. But he wanted to take the appointments and the government, that is to take his share in power and oppose the government and the elections and discovered that his profit in the opposition and popular and public opinion is by accusing us of corruption. He went on to carry out false campaigns against us and get their public payback and instead of being with us and sharing the burden as is the agreement to provide solutions to the people. He went to hinder solutions under the pretext of corruption. His work is now fighting the president and the prime minister up to public support for the abduction of its president.''

"I have repeatedly warned him directly and through our representatives that this behavior will stop the agreement implementation, but he chose to continue the policy of lying and slander rather than maintaining the agreement. The initiation of slander without a file or presumption, not even suspicion, became an easy way out for rumors. On this basis, I say today to the entire Lebanese public that the policy of silence and tolerance of injustice is over. I give one last chance to return to the spirit of the agreement and implement it. Today is the opportunity and tomorrow we may return to the agreement if they stop lying and slandering us."

“Bassil pointed out that the killer by word and rumor is ugliest than the killer with guns and bullets. I kept silent but for how long. When they put forward a project and we did not stand with them? Do not support our projects to save the country and restore the rights neither the Charter or partnership in the mountain, but at least do not stand against us for not unworthy accounts. The presidency is cheaper than our rights and cheaper than our partnership and dignity in the mountain. We only accept a transition from parity to a civilian state with an expanded Senate, a centralized administrative center; abolishing political sectarianism alone is not enough.”

"Article 95 of the Constitution is clear and whoever amends it will be amending Al-Taif. And anyone who rejects parity will be rejecting AL-Taif.  Either the parity within the sectarian system or a civil state with a Senate and expanded administrative and financial decentralization. The abolition of political sectarianism alone is not enough. We want to abolish sectarianism according to Article 95 of the Constitution, which is clear. But this is not the issue; we considered that all the Lebanese were out of the demographic counting logic, but its seems that some want to return to it. Sectarianism is hitting the national balance,” He said.

“It is true that the circumstances have changed between August 7, 2001 and August 7, 2019, but our principles have not change. Our dream of building a strong Movement and a strong Lebanon has not changed. You are the basis on which we will build the Movement and its house; you are the spring from which we draw the dream; we are drawing our plans planning for Lebanon to be a source of Oil and Gas not an importer. We started this. We are planning to be a country producing electricity from water, air and sun and not from private generators; to be a water dam builder and sell it to neighboring countries not to be a well driller buying from its tanks; to have a human and legislative system fighting corruption by lifting of bank secrecy and immunity for officials in order to restore the stolen money and be a trans sectarian and citizenship Movement. We started all of this."

He concluded: “The August 7 mindset remains the same. In august 7 they practiced physical repression and today they are practicing political repression against us. We moved from the freedom detention on August 7, 2001 to the country and government detention in 2019; we will not be afraid of our moral assassination. We will win and the truth will prevail with us no matter how big are their lies. We will win and the government will return to work. They do not want it a productive government and a strong president. We have a weak point which is our concern for the country and our fear at this stage on its economy and its difficult situation, so we did not set conditions. I assure you that we will save this country and its economy, but not at the expense of existence and rights," Bassil Concluded.


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