Successful Event by State ALP member for Granville Julia Finn

"Education is the gateway to future success" - Tony BURKE

Hon Tony Burke MP (L) and Julia Finn MPduring the function

Successful Event by State ALP member for Granville Julia Finn

"Education is the gateway to future success" - Tony BURKE

10 March 2019

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Sydney - M E Times Int'l: The State ALP member for Granville Julia Finn, held a fundraising event at Harris Park before a large crowd of supporters and friends. The guest speaker was the Federal member for Watson and Shadow Minister of Multiculturalism Tony Burke. Also present were the State MP for Auburn Luke Foley, former MP Laurie Ferguson, MLC Lynda Voltz and business and municipality leaders. The MC for the event was Isil Ozkartal. The following is edited excerpts from their speeches:


It’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege to serve as your representative over the last four years. We have probably the most diverse community in Sydney, it is a great place to live, to raise a family, to work but we are very much being short changed by the Liberal Government.  

I worked very closely with this community and achieved a lot of results despite being in opposition, I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to achieve.  I worked very close with our community to save the Wentworthville pool. 

I stood up for our community in fighting to restore the trains services that have been decimated by this Government and against the M4 toll which is a very unfair tax in Western Sydney.  That is causing 42,000 cars every day off the M4 and through the streets of my electorate.

I went to Westmead public school which is the biggest public school in the State, 1600 kids it is bursting at the seams. This Government has known how fast that school is growing and has done absolutely nothing.

It’s hard to achieve things in opposition but we’ve been able to and we are going to achieve a lot more for this community in the future when we have a Labor Government.  Every major institution that is worked around our community is there because of the Australian Labor party. 

Tony Burke addressing the audience

That brings me to introducing our very special guest this evening my good friend Tony Burke.  Tony is an inspiration to so many in this room, when we’ve needed somebody to stand up for multicultural communities and to actually go on the record and fight back against the conservatives and the racists who are trying to downgrade them, trying to downgrade the commitment that so many people in this room have to this country.  He’s actually had a very distinguished career in Parliament and he represents a number of portfolios and addition to the work he does on multiculturalism. 


You rarely get in local MP who follows the Labor values down to every single individual person they meet and puts that local advocacy ahead of any self-promotion.  But in Julia Finn you’ve got somebody devoted to helping those around her. No one is considered too small, no one is considered too far off at the margins.

I want to talk about education and multiculturalism. Education is the gateway to future success for people who have recently arrived in Australia. A government that says we’re going to spend so little on schools and we’re going to shift all the money to stadiums doesn’t understand modern Australia.  And federally we have a government that says they’re going to introduce a citizen test designed at university level English. The test was designed to prevent people who have recently arrived from becoming Australian citizens and voting in elections.

Burke MP, Finn MP (C) and Voltz MLC

The Liberals were willing to introduce something like this but they forgot what it is to be Labor.  When someone gets pushed to the margins we stand with those victims. We did that on a speech we did on the citizenship test and we defeated them on the floor. That’s Labor’s strength. Julia Finn is someone who will fearlessly stand up for you and it doesn’t matter whether the media has decided to not look after people in our local area you want to an MP who will.  Looking after the people who get pushed to the margins, those on the long waiting list for medical treatment or worried about the costs of their medical care.  They’re the sort people most at risk, they’re the people who are relying on you here tonight to do the promotion of Julia and in doing that in not wasting a conversation between now and polling day in doing everything we can helping with the fundraising and the volunteer work.

What that ultimately means is you get an election that is not won by the vested interest. Rather you get you are meant to have in democracy; an election where you end up with a government that cares about the people.

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Foley MP, Shelala and Burke MP

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