We are improving lives, says Hornsby MP Matt Kean at re-election campaign launch

We are improving lives, says Hornsby MP Matt Kean at re-election campaign launch

 “Politics is about making a difference ..,” State MP for Hornsby Matt Kean

Hon. Matt Kean addressing the audience

We are improving lives, says Hornsby MP Matt Kean at re-election campaign launch

 “Politics is about making a difference ..,” State MP for Hornsby Matt Kean

 “ …. the government must tell its story,”  Radio broadcaster Alan Jones


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Sydney - M E Times Int'l: Close to 200 people gathered in the garden of Matt Kean’s home to launch his campaign for re-election as the State Member for Hornsby and Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation. Before introducing his guest speaker, 2GB talkback king Alan Jones AO, Matt gave a spirited and wide-ranging speech covering personal and political topics. He singled out his parents, Celia and Noel, for his heartfelt thanks before acknowledging the presence of Hornsby Mayor Philip Ruddock about whom he said: “Few have done more for this country than him and I am grateful he continues to service our community and for having always been my mentor.”

Two years ago Matt Kean entered Cabinet as Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation.

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In detailing achievements of the Berejiklian Government, Matt reminded his guests that the government had taken NSW from the worst performing states in Australia to the best. “We’ve invested record amounts into our communities, we’ve paid down Labor’s debt and the next four years will see a further $7 billion invested in new infrastructure projects. I’ll be fighting to make sure New Line Road is upgraded, making sure the hospital rebuild is completed, that the school curriculum focuses on maths, science and English rather than ideology, fighting to reduce energy prices.’

“Politics is about making a difference and I’m proud to say that during my eight years as Member for Hornsby, we’ve seen many improvements which make life better for our local community ¬-- transforming Pennant Hills Road from one of the worst in the country, spending $300 million on replacing the rundown Hornsby Hospital and finally connecting communities such as Glastonbury and Cowan to the sewer.”

Shonky property developers, bringing in licences for NSW engineers, and making practitioners at every stage of construction take responsibility for their work are other matters he has tackled.

Alan Jones (L) in conversation with Matt Kean MP

Broadcaster Alan Jones began his address by stating that NSW was a better place because of people like Matt Kean.  ‘I believe that the Liberal Party, both State and Federal, have good stories to tell, but seem to lack good storytellers - people like Matt who can prosecute the case for their policies and connect with people.’

He used the recent $111m grant to Surf Life Savers as an example. “A good story but few got to hear of it. Likewise, all over NSW  … the government must tell its story.’

Looking at the infrastructure boom, Mr Jones said people needed to understand that there may be short term pain for long term gain.

Referring to the “ludicrous argument about the Sydney Football Stadium, Mr Jones outlined the background to the decision to rebuild Alliance Stadium, of which he is the longest serving Trustee.

Kean, Jones, Rudddock and other guest

‘An all Party Upper House inquiry was held. It agreed with the decision and the expenditure. The present stadium is unsafe.’

If it is not replaced, he believes NSW will lose not only the NRL grand final but concerts by international superstars which would take money from everyone, from the guy who sells pies at the game to international class hotels.

Urging all present to get behind Matt’s campaign and work for the re-election of a Berejiklian Government, he pointed out that success comes from repetition. ‘You have a good story to tell but when you are becoming tired of retelling it only then will people be beginning to hear it. So whatever your life involves, get out and tell the story. Help Matt and his colleagues continue their work for NSW.”

Matt Kean MP (2ndR) with other guests

Alan Jones (R) talking to a young boy during the event

Mayor of Hornsby Hon. Philip Ruddock (2ndR) and other guests

Alan Jones with Jeanette Farrell


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