Hajj Hassan Says Hezbollah Has Decided to Contribute to Solving Refugee Problem to The Benefit of Syrians, Lebanese

Hajj Hassan Says Hezbollah Has Decided to Contribute to Solving Refugee Problem to The Benefit of Syrians, Lebanese

07 Jul 2018

Lebanon - Caretaker Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan disclosed Saturday Hezbollah's decision to partake in solving the displaced problem to the benefit of both the Syrians and the Lebanese.

Speaking at an educational honoring ceremony organized by Hezbollah in the Bekaa, Hajj Hassan said, "The Syrian refugees issue has long been ignored. Hezbollah has decided to contribute to solving this problem to the interest of the Syrian brethrens and the Lebanese citizens, and we hope that some will realize the importance of benefiting from the reconstruction phase in Syria."

He added, "Some Europeans who were leading the campaign against Syria have started changing their positions to benefit from the reconstruction of Syria, and we in the Bekaa, Baalbek-Hermel and Akkar are on the borders with Syria, so the Lebanese economy is before vast opportunities if there is an integrated economic vision."

Touching on the educational needs of the Baalbek-Hermel region, Hajj Hassan said, "We want education to develop in the Baalbek-Hermel District in terms of quantity, quality, initiative and efficiency, since education denotes the basic pillar of the nation."

In light of the huge burdens facing the country at various levels, Hajj Hassan deemed that "the McKinsey Study, which was presented a few days ago to President Michel Aoun, should be placed on the agenda of the next government to be discussed and approved, so as to be implemented in projects related to the fields of economy, agriculture, industry, trade, tourism and services."

He also touched on the oil and gas dossier, stressing the need for diligent follow-up in this respect, in wake of the country's huge public debts and budget deficit.

Referring to the State's security plan in the Baalbek-Hermel region, Hajj Hassan considered that "the security and military forces are beginning to carry out their duties in said region and people are starting to feel some improvement."

"This means that the security forces must increase their achievements...Security must be a sustainable responsibility. When security is available, there are opportunities for economy and development," he underscored.


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