Oman calls for peace in Middle East

Kuwait seeks international protection for Palestinians

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Kuwait seeks international protection for Palestinians


NEW YORK-- The State of Kuwait Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi announced on Tuesday that Kuwait would present to the United Nations Security Council member states a draft resolution asking for protection of the Palestinian people.

Ambassador Al-Otaibi was speaking to journalists ahead of the UNSC session, called by Kuwait to discuss latest development in Gaza.

Al-Otaibi affirmed in a previous session that the Palestinian people must not continue to be exempted from international commitments and laws, namely the adherence to protecting civilians from atrocities and grave breaches and Israel, as the de facto occupation entity, must implement the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 on safeguarding the civilians.

"We strongly support securing international protection for the Palestinian people in the occupied territories and resisting the Israeli occupation repressive practices and policies," he stated.

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Oman calls for peace in Middle East


MUSCAT: The Sultanate expressed its solidarity and support for the just rights of the Palestinians to establish their independent state on the borders of June 4, 1967 with Al Quds as its capital.

A source at the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said that the Sultanate calls for a political solution for the existing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis that entails establishing two states that coexist peacefully side by side.

Meanwhile, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court vowed that she was watching closely the unrest in Gaza and would “take any action warranted” to prosecute crimes.

“My staff is vigilantly following developments on the ground and recording any alleged crime that could fall within” the tribunal’s jurisdiction, Fatou Bensouda warned in a statement.

“The violence must stop,” she insisted, urging “all those concerned to refrain from further escalating this situation and the Israel Defence Forces to avoid excessive use of force.”

Israeli forces killed 60 Palestinians during clashes and protests on Monday over the deeply controversial opening of a US embassy in Jerusalem

The Palestinian Authority joined the ICC in January 2015 signing up to the Rome Statute which underpins the world’s only permanent war crimes court.

The Palestinians asked the prosecutor to investigate alleged crimes committed in the Palestinian territories in the Gaza war the previous year, and Bensouda opened her inquiry just a few days later.

She recalled on Tuesday that the “situation in Palestine is under preliminary investigation by my office”.

“I will be watching and I will take any action warranted by my mandate under the Rome Statute,” she warned, a day after one of the bloodiest days for years in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Bensouda said she had learned with “dismay” of Monday’s death toll, which meant that since the start of the Palestinian protests on March 30 the number of reported deaths was “one hundred, with several thousand others injured.” 


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