France welcomes Hariri's decision to stay as Lebanese PM

Lebanon's Saad Al-Hariri rescinds resignation as PM 

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri 

Lebanon's Saad Al-Hariri rescinds resignation as PM 


BEIRUT-- Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri has revoked his resignation and stressed government's commitment, with all its political components, to a policy of distancing itself from regional conflicts or wars, or interfering in the internal affairs of the Arab states.

Al-Hariri announced the decision in a cabinet statement he read after a, extraordinary government meeting on Tuesday, chaired by President Michel Aoun.

The government has committed itself to the statement, in both word and deed, has stressed.

The cabinet is also committed to the President's oath speech, the Arab League Charter and respect of the International Law, for preservation of the nation, Al-Hariri noted.

He renewed the government's adherence to Al-Taif Agreement, and to a policy of self-restraint from any regional conflicts that could harm Lebanon's political relations with the Arab countries, or its interests there.

The current Lebanese government was formed in November 2016.

Al-Hairi announced his resignation from Saudi Arabia in a televised statement in on November 4, 2017. 

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France welcomes Hariri's decision to stay as Lebanese PM 


PARIS-- French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday said he welcomed the decision by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to rescind his resignation as Prime Minister and to fully resume his duties in government.

Macron said in a statement that he had "taken keen note" of the statement earlier by the Lebanese Cabinet meeting presided "exceptionally" by President Michel Aoun to resolve the issues at hand.

The French leader "also noted the reaffirmation by the Lebanese Cabinet of the policy to distance Lebanon from conflicts in the region," the Elysee Palace statement said.

"France remains committed at the side of the Lebanese to pursue action to reinforce the stability, security and sovereignty of Lebanon, working with the authorities of the country and all the international community," the statement added.

In this vein, Macron is convoking an international conference on Lebanon December 8 in Paris to discuss ways of helping the country.

Prime Minister Hariri will attend the meeting, which will also have broad US, European and Middle Eastern participation.

The conference also aims to encourage investment in Lebanon and create a secure and stable environment and to examine other ways to help the country that is suffering a major refugee crisis because of the conflict in neighbouring Syria. 


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