OCA launches health activities for cancer awareness month

OCA launches health activities for cancer awareness month


Lakshmi Kothaneth –

The Pink month, October, saw the launch of Pink Ribbon initiative by the Oman Cancer Association (OCA) at Oman Avenues Mall under the auspices of Ali Khalfan al Jabri, Undersecretary of Ministry of Information recently.

The Oman Cancer Association is expecting to create maximum awareness this month on breast cancer which is also the organisation’s primary cause.

Dr Waheed al Kharousi, OCA chairman, shared, “We have added this year the cubicle for self-examination. People who are shopping can go to the cubicle and be taught on how to perform self-examination.”

He added, “As you know OCA has made it its fighting cause to always remind people about regular self-examination. Regular repeated examination means early diagnosis, which results in total cure. We want total cure.”

A mammogram was also placed at Oman Avenues Mall.

“We want to provide all the facilities for the public. However, the mobile unit will move through all the malls,” Dr Kharousi said.

The Women’s Guild Oman is also there to extend the support to OCA’s mission.

“I think it is a marvelous initiative. This is an extension of our work with OCA. Anything that increases awareness is important. It is great to see the kind of support the Association has been generating like the cappuccino at Gloria Jeans. Being a social group of women the cause is very close to our heart,” said Dianne Wilson, Women’s Guild of Oman.

As has been established, the end of the month will witness the Annual Walkathon and OCA volunteers are gearing to meet the public for registration.

Simultaneous with the mall activities, “We are using this opportunity to register people for the walkathon and with the registration they get a t shirt and enter the marathon,” explained by one of the representatives of OCA.


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