The embassy of Kuwait in Australia inaugurates the first electronic application of its kind

Ambassador of Kuwait to Australia Najib Abdulrahman Al-Bader during the launch ceremony of the electronic application entitled (Kuwait in Australia)

The embassy of Kuwait in Australia inaugurates the first electronic application of its kind


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The Embassy of Kuwait in Australia inaugurated an electronic application called (Kuwait in Australia) which is the first of its kind and provides a number of services to the Kuwaiti nationals and students in Australia using Smartphone.

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During a ceremony held at the embassy in the capital Canberra, His excellency ambassador Najib Abdulrahman Al-Bader said he was pleased to inaugurate this special service which came in the context of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs efforts and initiative and under the directives of Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, the first deputy of Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and deputy of Minister of Foreign Affairs Khaled Suleiman Al-Jarallah, for the efforts made to facilitate communication with the Kuwaiti nationals.

Ambassador Bader confirmed that this electronic application is considered a quantum leap in the services provides by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Kuwaiti Nationals in Australia noting that among this application's positive aspects that it is accessible to everyone and evolves in line with the progress made in the use of modern technologies.

The purpose of the application is to simplify the procedures related to services submitted by the embassy in order to support direct communication with Kuwaiti students in Australia as well as Kuwaiti nationals and tourists traveling to Australia. The application is a source for good tips and guidance for Kuwaiti tourists, his excellency explained.

Ambassador Bader noted that the application provides the service of registering data and addresses of all Kuwaiti students and nationals in Australia, not to mention that it would facilitate dealing with urgent matters by using a special notification feature which allows for direct communication with students and informing them of important and urgent matters.

The (Kuwait in Australia) application facilitates communication with the different Australian sectors benefiting from the services provided by the embassy and services offered by the consular department in relation to visa processing, visits and all other procedures, he added.


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