Trump says he is under investigation in Russia inquiry

Mr Trump again calls the Russia investigation a "witch hunt"

Trump says he is under investigation in Russia inquiry

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President Donald Trump has appeared to acknowledge he is under investigation in the inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in the US election.

In a tweet, the president also seemed to accuse the US deputy attorney general of pursuing a "Witch Hunt".

He said: "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!"

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote a memo the White House used to justify the firing of the ex-FBI chief.

Mr Rosenstein took over the investigation into whether Russia tried to tip the US election in favour of Mr Trump after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself in March.

The deputy attorney general later appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller to lead the inquiry.

The FBI and Congress are both looking at whether Trump campaign officials colluded with the alleged Kremlin plot. The inquiries have yet to show evidence of collusion.

Mr Trump also tweeted on Friday morning: "After 7 months of investigations & committee hearings about my 'collusion with the Russians,' nobody has been able to show any proof. Sad!"

His tweets come as Mr Trump marks two years since announcing his plan to run for president.

A storm is brewing - Editor Jon Sopel

When it was first announced a month ago that a special counsel had been appointed to investigate the Trump campaign's links to Russia, the White House issued a restrained statement from the president expressing the hope that the inquiry would be conducted swiftly.

But the more a furious president has taken his defence into his own hands, the deeper the waters swirling around him have become.

He contradicted the Justice Department over the reasons for sacking the FBI Director, James Comey, telling a TV interviewer that he was fired because of "this Russia thing".

That in turn led to reports this week that Donald Trump himself was now under investigation by the special counsel, Robert Mueller, for possible obstruction of justice.

Mr Trump's latest tweet on Friday morning represented a none-too-veiled attack on the deputy attorney general Rob Rosenstein, who appointed the special counsel.

The advice from Mr Trump's family, his legal team and his closest confidantes has been to say nothing and let the special counsel do his work.

It's advice that has been spectacularly rejected.


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