Michel Douaihy honors Salim Sfeir at the Parliament House, Sydney - Australia

Michel Doueihi honors Salim Sfeir at the Parliament House, Sydney - Australia

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Sheikh Michel Doueihi the Regional President at Cultural University hosted a lunch in honor of Salim Sfeir Bank of Beirut Chairman, at Sydney's parliament in the presence of the accompanying delegation, including John Ajaka MLC head of the state Legislative Council, and a number of political, religious, economic, social and media figures, led by Bishop Antoine Charbel Tarabay. the ceremony included a number of speeches.

The first speech was made by Mr Anwar Harb, where he welcomed the attendees, praising Mr. Salim Sfeir and his success in the banking industry. He also noted his bestowals and sacrifices in various humanitarian fields.


In his speech, Michel Doueihi praised "the role of Ajaka and congratulated him on his new post" and praised "the role of Sfeir at various levels, especially as he was the main supporter of Cultural University during his World presidency."

Doueihi presented a symbolic gift to Sfeir representing Sydney’s landmarks.


In conclusion Sfeir congratulated Ajaka on his new post, wished him success in his work, and thanked Ajaka for the honoring as presents to him a Certificate of Appreciation from the Council. He noted the role played by Doueihi in the Cultural University for the sake of Lebanon and expatriates.

Nicholas Pappas AM, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the " Bank of Sydney ", made a word of thanks on behalf of the bank and congratulated Ajaka on his job and Sfeir on the estimated prize awarded to him.


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