Labor will defend health care and education, Shorten vows
We want to make sure that it is a child’s hard work, which determines access to university.” Opposition Leader Bill Shorten more

In Tripoli, Hariri Lashes Out at Rifi, Says Moderation 'Rescued Lebanon' more

Brexit: Shocked European Union tells Britain to leave quickly amid 'chain reaction' fears more

Shares and pound plunge on Leave vote

Brexit: David Cameron to quit after UK votes to leave EU more

78 dead, 200 hurt as extreme weather hits China more

Kuwait to file $1 bn lawsuit against IOC more

Saudi powerful Deputy Crown Prince will hold talks with French President more

IS offensives could displace 2.3m Iraqis more

Kuwait's Amir receives Iraqi Finance Minister Zebari more

Hariri: Lebanese Keen on Arab Identity, Won't Betray Brothers, KSA more

UN Chief Meets Saudi Prince over Yemen Row more

Brave and Important decision

Jordan declares Syria and Iraq borders closed military zones more

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