In a meeting with the bishops and representatives of the Eastern churches in Australia

Patriarch Al Rahi has urged all Lebanese MPs to assume their crucial responsibility and elect a new president. more

Al-Rahi thanking The Great State of Australia and Bishop Tarabay for his efforts

Patriarch Al-Rahi from Sydney: " Healthy Family ... Healthy Society" more

Morrison attends mosque open day in Lakemba
Morrison had no concerns that Australian Muslims making the religious pilgrimage to Mecca would continue on to Syria and Iraq more

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten takes same-sex marriage stance to Australian Christian Lobby more

Canada shooting: MPs applaud sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers a day after parliament shooting more

Ebola threat: Scott Morrison pushing for Operation Sovereign Borders to take over response to virus more

Lebanon Thwarts Attempt to Have a Permanent Settlement for Refugees more

PM ABBOTT: "The Government will do everything we humanly can to keep our country and its people safe". more

TDIC announces completion of installation of Louvre Abu Dhabi dome more

Wild: "What struck me the most on my recent visit was the optimism, courage and commitment of the people I met"

Arab Bank Australia to support Lebanon’s Business Community more

Prince Alwaleed Receives Corbat of Citigroup more

Whitlam was a 'pioneer', China says
Gough Whitlam: Former PM heralded new regional dynamic in bringing China in from the cold, setting Papua New Guinea free more

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