HARIRI ON FEBRUARY 14: "...The assassination of Rafik Hariri... was an attempt to assassinate the dream of Lebanon. And you have been seeing the result for 14 years. Since 2005 and the country is in a state of disabling..."

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WAM signs "News Agencies Tolerance Charter" with 25 news agencies

Dr. Al Jaber: "The summit is a global platform for foreseeing the future..."

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Achievements of Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber is a source of global pride

India’s PM Narendra Modi Presents ADNOC Group CEO with “International Lifetime Achievement Award” at Petrotech 2019

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Hariri's Cabinet receives confidence 111 votes and 6 NO

PM Hariri: "...My decision and that of the government is to work then work then work”

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Our Plan for keeping Australians safe and secure
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People smugglers will ‘not succeed’ entering Australia: PM

Australian tourism surge drives biggest hotel building boom since the Olympics

North Queensland floods destroys $300m worth of cattle

Public spending key concern for voters: Newspoll

Australia signs mega submarine deal with France

Many young Australians are still undecided voters, survey finds

Labor’s Plan to Get More Australian Children Learning Languages

Sudanese refugee wins human rights award

NSW Liberals & Nationals Boost Drought Support to $1.5 Billion

Refugee transfer laws pass parliament

Medical transfers changes would end offshore system: Coleman

Labor denies ulterior motives in backing medivac legislation

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Kuwait takes part in Munich 55th Sec. Conf. kicking off Friday
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Jordan, Kuwait bolster ties with chain of accords

15 Kuwaiti-Jordanian Cooperation Documents crowning the work of the Joint Higher Committee

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Relations with Kuwait "exemplary" - Jordanian PM

His Highness Kuwaiti PM opens new embassy building in Jordan

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HARIRI: "Lebanon's respect for its commitments to the Arab and international communities."

Aoun Meets Zarif: Iran Can Play a Role in Refugees’ Return  

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Bishop Tarabay Headed the celebration for the Feast of St Maroun

Bishop Tarabay: "Our history has been written by the witness of our saints and the blood of our Martyrs"

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A remarkable international achievement for Kuwait

His Highness Kuwaiti Crown Prince meets ministers

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