From Australia - News in Brief

‘Rolling argy-bargy’ symptomatic of a 'fraying' National Cabinet

Failing first year uni students will lose taxpayer funding

NSW coronavirus death toll rises to 53 after woman dies

Martanti knocked back from almost 80 jobs

MPs may not be covered by parliamentary privilege.

Hezbollah can do ‘basically whatever they like’ in Lebanon

Biden-Harris kick-off campaign attacking Trump

Recession 'wont be as deep' as initial predictions: Switzer

President Trump promises to terminate payroll tax if he wins

France's Macron says expects no external interference in Lebanon

Queen Approves Top Medal to Honour Australian Sailor’s Sacrifice

Russia claims to have created the world's first COVID-19 vaccine more

From Australia - News in Brief

Nationals demand changes to university fees

Premier Berejiklian warns public to 'be on guard' as NSW...

Trump is pulled from briefing after White House incident

Effective unemployment 'will continue to rise'

Australia among world's highest coronavirus death rates (aged care)

'We must put our national security first' as Chinese interference heightens

International tourism will take 'multiple years' to return to normal

Edward 'Teddy' Sheean to receive Australia's highest military offer more

Kuwait's PM, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, reiterated Kuwait’s readiness to support Lebanon...

Kuwait: Who is the new Kuwaiti Premier?

Kuwait strongly supports Lebanon during tough circumstances - Amb. more

One of the many examples of corruption exploded in the port of Beirut, and the calamity befell Lebanon; but corruption cases are widespread in the country's political and administrative

DIAB Delivers speech announcing government’s resignation more

Lebanese Presidency General Directorate:

National News Agency - Lebanese Presidency General Directorate ...

President is keen that judiciary investigation on Beirut port explosion takes its Full Extent more

DR Amal Mudallali outlines country’s needs to international conference

United Nations logo PNG, UN logo PNG

Beirut will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes again: Lebanon envoy more

From NSW to Lebanon with love. A week after the horrific blast you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Lighting up of the Opera House Sails - Beirut more

Kuwaitis to the Lebanese: "You are our family, and this is our moral duty!

Kuwaiti aid continues to Lebanon non stop more

Pope Francis in solidarity with the people of Lebanon

Macron tells Lebanon donor conference: 'we must act quickly'

World vows to help Lebanon in wake of explosion

Macron tells Lebanon donor conference: 'We must act quickly'

Aoun vows to achieve justice and combat justice

UN Deputy Secretary General’s heartfelt message

Morrison adds another $3m in relief support

Kuwait pitches in with $30m

Qatar calls on international community’s help more


Kataeb MPs Quit,  Jumblatt’s Demands and  LFP Eyes Group Resignations more

Army: Search and rescue operations continue round the clock

US, UK, ARAB, EU Leaders visit Aoun to pledge Support as more aid arrives

“We stand with you and are by your side.” US President Donald Trump

“We hope that American support will not be limited to emergency humanitarian aid,” Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

“With you we will work to restore life to the city of Beirut," UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. more

“…our goal is to reveal the truth to the people…” Gen Michel Aoun

Lebanon's president says ammonium nitrate caused blast

Aoun vows to uncover the truth behind Beirut blast and punish the guilty

“Lebanese sovereignty will not be compromised in my era.” President Michel Aoun more

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